W100 Oulton Park April 9th

Wirral 100 has replaced the Forgotten Era class with Pre-Injection so I thought it would be good to go against them and get some quality time in on my FJ racer ready for the North Glos season.

Race 7; Race for grid position

Even though I didn’t race at there Anglesey meet (was racing at Brands) I was given 5th on the grid.
I got a good start and was first into the first bend.
After two laps No 55 Darren Johnson passed me on a ‘pink’ Yamaha R1. I followed him around but he soon pulled away from me. On looking back I realised that 3rd was some 5 seconds back so I knocked the pace off and came in 6 seconds behind Darren and his R1.
I’ve seen this before at Wirral. Denis the old W100 champ would let me win the race for grid and not show his hand and when he came to the race for points would pull out some fast laps and leave me standing.

Race 15; Championship Race (5 laps)

I was on grid position 2nd with Darren on his R1 1st. The rest of the Pre-Injection line up was taken up with Honda CBR600, which are very quick.
Again good start and was first into Old Hall Corner. It took Darren 3 laps for him to pass me into Old Hall and I thought ‘Game on’.
Darren was pushing hard but as I followed him into Hizzys Chicane, Darren out braked himself and went straight on missing out the entire chicane, As I went through the chicane I was expecting Darren to let me through but was amazed to watch him accelerate straight on. I then thought perhaps he would wave me through on the next bend but I saw he had his head down and realised he had no intention of doing this.
At this point I realised that due to his error he would be given a 10 second penalty and worked out there was no point breaking my neck trying to retake the lead,. Because of this so I followed him around and backed off

Straight after the race I went to the time keeping office and pointed out Darren’s error they told they would look in to the situation and sort it out.

After I had loaded my van I went to the race office to pick up my first place trophy only to be told I came second, feeling some what confused by this I had a look at the timing sheet for the results & was amazed to see that Darren Johnson had only been given a ONE SECOND penalty for NOT using the full circuit!
I explained that Darren made no attempt to let me pass and in fact had his head was down for the remaining laps and I thought that a 10 second penalty would be what I would expect to be given to a rider that gains an unfair advantage, but it fell on deaf ears.

This is the first time I’ve won a race but was given 2nd. To say I disappointed is an understatement. What are your thoughts?


Kerry taking the photos and Emma coming to support the FJ Racers


Pictures taken by Kerry


Some call it cheating. Other just dam good luck!


Doc wearing the W100 number of 111


Pete Warrier rides his FJ racer. Full respect


'Boss' back to his job of running Doc racing efforts.

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