Wirral 100 Oulton Park 10th April


After missing the first Wirral 100 race at Anglesey due to racing with North Glos club in the Pri-Injection class, it was a chance to prove a point.
This being the stick from the rest of the FJ racing guys that I only win because my FJ Racer bike is a rocket compared to theres.
So with Thrush not racing (see note), I thought I’ll race this in the Forgotten Era and race my ‘rocket’ in the Power Bike class.
Thrushes old bike now looks a million dollar (up for sale, make me an offer!) with its new clothes in a very touching Black and Yellow colour scheme. Looking good is always worth a few seconds a lap!

The plan was to take Mura (now the only one left racing besides me) around, showing him some lines due to his limited experience around Oulton Park which is a very technical circuit.

Race 4, Grid Position. Forgotten Era (5 laps)
Out of the wood work came Mike Hose on his super fast Westlake (2007 champion) plus Steve Cave on his quick FZR exup, and the last winner of the Anglesey round James Coward on his 750 Gixer slabsider, so I was up against some quick guys.
1st position was No36 James while I was given grid position 2 and Mike Hose position 3, with Steve Cave taken up the last of the front grid 4th.
After a good start on Thrushes old bike, by the second lap I was in trouble, as the bike was dieing as if running out of fuel, so after limiting the revs to 6-7,000 revs, it wasn’t long for the rest of the pack to pass me. So I just limped around hoping that I could get a reasonalbe grid position for the real race.
By the last lap I had managed to keep 6th when on the last bend ‘Lodge Corner’ Steve Ferguson over took me. So with a big handful and hoping the motor had enough fuel a out grunted his Honda 500 to the line.

Mura managed a good 8th place whilst he was also having problems with his new Flatslide carbs as they was flooding

Back in pit lane we checked the bike out. Plenty of fuel so the problem stemmed from that we have never fitted a fuel pump and it was relying on gravity feed. Thrush was there and he informed me that he had always have filled the FJ1100 fuel tank half full and had not had this problem.
Lucky I had a spare fuel pump so this was quickly fitted.

Race 12, Points and Trophy race. Forgotten Era (5 laps)
Mike Hoses was some 3 seconds a lap quicker than everyone, lapping at 1:52.7, with Steve Cave 2nd and new to the race, the Minitwins (Suzuki 650) took 3rd and 4th. James was 5th on his Gixer which left me 6th on the starting grid in the second row.
The plan was to make a ‘Stoner’ start and get in front, this is sometimes easier said than done but as the lights went out and whilst Steve Cave was fighting his Ex-up from looping I got passed him and was first into the first bend. Now with full power I nailed the FJ as best I could.
After lap 1, Mike came passed, I had no answer to him and his super light and quick Westlake. He was even out accelerating the FJ on the straights let alone the advantage it had in the corners due to it light weight. The old FJ had really good drive low down but compare to my normal FJ Racer it lacked top end. I wouldn’t let Mike out of my sight so he had to continue to push. When we finally took the flag I was 5 seconds behind him and the next guy was Steve Cave some 6 seconds back from me.
What happened to Mura?
After the warm up lap and waiting on the grid for the lights Mura was pulled off due to a massive petrol leak. It was a fair call by the marshals as it would have been dangerous for him to race in that state. Mura was gutted as he had the chance to take his spare FJ Racer but went for his No1 bike as he thought he had cure the carb problem after cleaning out the floats.

The point was to show that I had the potential to win on the same bike that the rest of the guys had been racing all of last year. I was lapping at 1:54.4 which is some 4 seconds quicker than Thrush managed on the same bike last year.
Having Mike Hoses on a one off £20,000 ‘Westlake’ bike wasn’t really a fair fight, so coming second was a good result.

I raced my FJ Racer in the Powerbike class and was lapping at 1:51.0. And over the 5 laps fighting against the quick Powerbikes whilst fighting to get from grid position 30th to my final place of 23rd, I managed a total race time of 9.26.6.
This works out over 5 second faster than Mike managed with a clear track. So the conclusion is that I should of beaten him on my Racer, as I did the last time we raced together at Oulton last year.

NOTE; Reason why there is only me and Mura racing this season.
Liam is planning to get married to lovely Doro.
Giles engine has expired and is waiting for funds to sort this out.
Thursh has purchased a new car so no funds left.
Who, went to Angelsey, had a problem with the carbs and duely packed up. The fire has gone out of his belly!


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