Wirral 100 Anglesey 3rd October

Anglesey International Circuit

October the 2nd Mura had attended the W100 Forgotten Era race meet. He was leading the championship and even though he was still injured from a NG race meet at Anglesey in August (broken collar bone) he still had a chance to win the championship.
I was racing at Thruxton on the 2nd so was unable to attend.
The weather was very wet but Mura put on a brave face and managed to win the race against the best turn out that the Wirral 100 had seen all year with over 7 racing in his class. This was a fantastic achievement.

Another turn up was Pete Warriner had purchased my spare FJ1100 and had also come to race it in the Forgotten Era. Fair play to him.
He is a club member and has been racing a CBR600 over the last few years so it was great that he had decided to race the FJ.
Over the weekend he got better and better, his speed was improving massively and you could see the big improvement over the races. His results were an excellent mid pack of the 30 plus riders racing.
I’m sure we will be hearing more of Pete next year on his FJ1100.

I turn up on the Sunday to a wet morning so with my wets fitted I managed to do a ten minute practice.
On the last few last I noticed the bike was feeling funny so after the last time I wore the wets the front wheel bearing had collapsed so I can in to check things out.
This wheel was determend to try my patience and on inspection the collars within the bearing had spun and had caused them to weld themselves to the axles. Shit!
Hacksaw and a drill later we manage to remove wheel and fitted one of my other wheels.

Race 18; Championship Race
The weather was getting brighter but the track still looked a bit damp so I made the choice to fit wet front and race tyre rear.
I was half right because after the warm up lap we could of fitted race front as well. Everyone else was in the same, so all was equal.
On the grid was positioned LAST with a grid of 36, this was due to me not racing the day before, which is fair enough as I was here to help Mura.
Mura had a front row start so was in a good position to repeat his win.
The first lap was red flag so after about ten minute waiting on the grid we were re-started.
Being at the back of the grid I had a plan, get to the front as quick as possible, easier said than done as there was some 36 bikes in front, though I must point out that about 14 guys were on ‘Classic’ bike, still in my way though!
Got my ‘Stoner’ start and I guess I was about 10th into the first bend. By the first lap I was fourth behind Mura. I know the first rule of racing is to beat your team mate but I was here to help so during the next 5 laps I played ‘tail end Charlie’ and protected his lines by being on the opposite line. One point while Mura was pulsing behind some backmarkers that we were about to lap, one of the Forgotten Era 400cc bikes went right around the outside of me around ‘Rocket’, Cheeky I though so while exiting the next bend ‘Peel’ I when around the outside of him as close as I could, I don’t think he was impressed but come on! We were waiting to pass the classic guys safely and it seemed unfair to make a pass whilst we waited for a safe place to pass between the bends.
The final result was Mura was 3rd in race but importantly 1st in class. I was behind him taking 2nd in class.

This means that Mura had won the Wirral 100 Forgotten Era Championship, the same one that I won last year so a big congratulation out to Mura as this is only his second year racing period, and to do it on a old FJ1100 against the ExUp’s and Gixers in the class is well impressive.

Forgotten Era Race 24
Trophy Race.

Having done my small bit to help Mura, though to be honest he didn’t need my help as he had already prove he could win the race as he did on the Saturday, I was able to pull the pin and lead the race from start to finished. Finished 4 seconds ahead of Glen Harrision on a Honda 400, Steve Cave had found his MoJo and got a fantastic 3rd (2nd in class)

PowerBike racing
As normal I entered the power bike races for fun but on the last race of the day I was taken out while I was out braking a Fireblade when some idiot tried to out brake me, the result was he couldn’t stop and hit me so pushing me into the guy I’ve just overtaken. We both went down but Twat managed to stay on (it’s always the case eh!). I injured my left foot and he would have been a lot worst if I hadn’t lifted my leg just seconds before impact.


Steve Cave on his beautiful FZR1000 ExUp


Pete Warriner Racing Docs old FJ Racer


Mura showing way he's the Wirral 100 Club Forgotten Era Champion for 2010

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