FJ Racer; Building Page 4

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Akrapovic silencer fitted to Devil down pipes. Mounted high level for clearance

b-pan copy

Many rules in the ACU for safety reasons like this oil collection pan. Hand built


The exhaust system fitted to the 3CV was a Devil, this was a stainless 4 into 1 type (designed for top end), the Devil can was massive and very heavy.
So to make the exhaust system have more ground clearance I decided to change the link pipe so that it was an upswept type and used a second hand Micron Carbon Race can that I had got from the owner of the 3CV.
The problem was it was very noise and I’m sure it would have a problem with the race 105 db limit. So I fitted a spare Akrapovic can from my GSXR, the result looked quite smart and offered a massive amount of ground clearance.

ACU Rules

To race the FJ you have to make sure the bike meets the Auto-Cycle Union regulations, this requires that the drain plug, filler cap and oil filter housing bolt are locked wired, this was done by simply drilling a small hole in them and a location point. Each bike also needs a number plate; these are placed at the front and to each side of the bike. Using sheet 1mm aluminium I fabricated up two plates 285mm * 235mm, these were mounted near the tailunit and seat.
The front was simply done by using white fablon cut to cover the headlight area and fairing.
The hardest rule was the need for a oil containment underneath the engine so if there was ever an oil leak the container would be able to hold 50% of the engine’s oil, in the FJs’ case this was 2 litres.
 As standard the FJ has a belly pan but there seemed little hope of converting one to hold any fluid, so I fabricated a complete new lower fairing out of 1mm sheet aluminium. It took me a day to produce and having no access to an ali welder I screwed the fairing together and to make a good seal I used Araldite to seal the joints.
My only concern was to get a full 2 litre capacity the fairing only had 125mm clearance from the ground, so long as I don’t hit any sleeping policemen I should be ok!.
I fitted a R&G rear sprocket guard (£30) on the swinging arm; this is a safety item to stop fingers getting trapped between the chain and sprocket.
Finally there needed to be an oil catch tank as I had removed the air filter and the crankcase isn’t allowed to breathe just through a filter. You often see racers with Red Bull cans as breather containers but I neatly used a Scottoiler 500cc refill bottle and mounted this in front of the battery box using a clamp I had fabricated, again out of 1mm Ali.

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