FJ Racer; Building Page 3


Quick action throttle fitted


Footrest using GSXR parts

disc brakes copy

R1 brake calipers with 320mm FZR Genesis EBS disc's, braided hoses and Brembo master cylinder


The wheels were checked for alignment and the rear was 1.5mm out to the right (I used my laser alignment kit, highly recommended, the workshop only charges £15 to set up wheels as even from factory, marks on the adjusters are always out), I corrected this with new spacers and due to the new XJR output shaft there was plenty of room for chain clearance, though I also needed to grind off some inner lugs that hold the footrest hangers on due to the chain now running very close to the frame. Both wheels were sent off to be power coated due to the poor condition of the paint, if fact the front was heavily corroded.
Any superfluous brackets were removed from the frame such as the shock remote unit bracket etc and the rear sub frame also had the same treatment. To finish it off, a quick lick of paint was applied to tidy it up.
To remove even more weight I removed the headlight and speedo unit, rear grab handles, air box, switch gear, mirrors, indicators, and the horn, I even trimmed down the wiring loom so that it simply runs the engine, this allowed all the ignition switch, flasher and starter relays to be made redundant.
The fairing now had a hole where the headlight was, so I plastic welded a light guard in its place and painted it black.
The handle bars were the next headache, they weigh over 3kg each inc the end weights, so the answer lay in fitting a set of light weight Renthal handle bars which were mounted directly to the top yoke using Renthal bar mounts. This also meant that the bars were lower and more forward than standard so aiding getting weight over the front end. I was unable to fit clip-on type bars due to having no clearance against the fairing.
The OE footplate and pegs were filed to room 101 and I grafted a set of GSXR750k standard footrests complete with gear lever and brake pedal. This raised the pegs up around 40mm and pulled them back 30mm so offering more ground clearance.


I replaced the standard 3CV front brake calipers for the latest R1 light weight type (gold) acting on the new FZR Genesis 320mm EBC iron disc’s.
Braided hoses were fitted all round using the budget Zinc type to keep cost down (haven’t got to worry about salt weather corroding the fittings).
EBC fully sintered double H pads were fitted on both the front and rear calipers for their high performance. I had fitted a ZZR front brake master cylinder as these are much better than the OE ‘FJ’ items but on testing the brakes on the road I realised that it would need to be improved even further so I fitted a Brembo radial master cylinder unit at a cost of £180, well stopping is important!
The rear caliper was left standard but due to the exhaust system being fitted as close as possible to the body work, the unit was relocated slightly by rotating it rear wards. This needed a longer torque arm, which was manufactured out of stainless steel (same as the one in the catalogue). To clear the larger tyre (180/55) the arm was shaped to give clearance around this.

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