Oulton Park Oct 18th Results

RESULTS; Oulton Park; October 18th

Round 7
Saturday Championship points race

Results in class

Liam Horgan, 1st (2nd in race, Dennis Sholicar won)
Philip Hacker, 2nd (3rd in race)
Steve Munson 3rd (10th in race)
Giles Whiteley 4th (11th in race)
Steve Hutchins 5th (12th in race)

1-2-3 email

Race 3; Forgotten Era grid position.

After a trackday on the Friday I needed a new rear tyre and after talking to the tyre guy that attends these meetings, he suggested the new pair of Michelin Power, he was shocked when I said that we have been racing the FJ’s on Continental Race Attach all season.
All I need to win the championship was to finish with some points, so with the old fox Dennis racing but not allowed to gain championship points it was a matter of taking it stead(ish). On the start of the race I tried to follow Dennis but he was very fast on his super quick FZR1000. Behind me was Liam, (if I fail to finish the race for points he would take the championship) I knew he could of passed me but seeing as it was for grid position he simply followed checking out where I was fast and he was quicker.
The result was Dennis 1st, me 2nd, Liam 3rd. Giles and Steve 'who' managed 9th and 10th. New boy Steve 'Mura' came in a respectable 17th

Race 11; Forgotten Era Race for Championship points.

I was very nervous, after a full year of racing and 13 points lead over Liam it was all down to this race. I got a great start after a massive wheeley off the start and was first into the first bend, I held the lead for the first lap in front of Liam and Dennis.
On the second lap by the time I went into Shell bend Dennis had already passed me and was set to do a Stoner (take off from the front). Liam had other ideas, with nothing to loose he over took me and chased after Dennis. I sat back to watch the fireworks.
It wasn’t long before Liam made an outrageous move on Dennis going into Hizzys chicane, he was a long way back but that didn’t stop ‘win it, or bin it’ Liam off. It was a spunky move but had disaster written all over it. He hit the rumble strip as there was no chance he was going to make the bend, the bike bounced over it, just had Liam was about to hit Dennis he made a wise decision and went straight on. Dennis glanced across in disbelief to see Liam take to the grass, as I went through the chicane I saw Liam was fine as he fought to keep his bike sunny side up on the wet grass.

I thought! Shit I’m now in the lead (as Dennis was not up for points) so I thought I take it steady. Sorted!

The problem was Liam wasn’t out yet and to my amazement on the penultimate lap I glanced behind me only to see Liam right on my chuff. Shit! How did he get back on the track and catch me up, so I worked out a plan. I rode defensively into the final bends, as my worst fear was Liam doing a ‘bin it’ move on me and take me out and with his luck of the Irish he’ll probably wobble across the finish line and win.
So on the last corner into Lodge I held a tight line into the bend, this meant that Liam couldn’t come on the inside. Again Liam tries the impossible and comes around the outside of me on a crazy wide line. As I tipped in I couldn’t help but watch Liam, he must surely bin it, when all of a sudden he managed to keep on track and gave it a handful on the exit.
Shit he made it!
I turn the FJ and gave it full throttle and has I topped Deers Leap, Liam was already there. This meant to pass I at to go around him, as we crossed the line my front wheel was aligned with his rear. Liam rode a great race and it was the first time he had beaten me all year so well done.

The result on all this action was, Dennis got first on race but no points, Liam 2nd with full 15 points and me 3rd with 12. The Three amigos (Who, Giles and Mura) behind was having a right ding dong battle and finally crossed the line 10th, 11th and 12th respectively (3rd, 4th and 5th in points).

This translated to me winning the championship, Liam second and Giles a fantastic third (his first year). FJ’s took the top three places.

It has taken me three years to win this championship which I’m proud of considering I’m racing a twenty five year old Sports Tourer and prior to this I have never raced.
Would like to thank all the members of the FJ Club for their support and especially to the main helpers at the track, Ernie, Mark and Kerry. Last but not least my long suffering wife Lorinda.

Power Bike races; Race 7 and 14
For fun we had two races in the unlimited Power Bike class. As normal great fun except the idiot on a gixer 1000 who nearly knock me off on the last lap out of Deers Leap as we fought for 13 place, must have been pissed off getting over taken on a old FJ. After the crossing the line he said sorry and held out his hand as a good will gesture, which I excepted.
Liam had even greater battle has he was on a mission with nothing to lose, which I was watching from a few places back.
The last Power Bike race I manage to stay in front of Liam and set the fastest lap I've done racing at Oulton Park. 1:54.025. Liam was only a fraction behind with a 1:54.832. We took 16th and 17th place out of a grid of 27.

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The Team; Steve 'Who' ; Giles 'Toad' ; Phil 'Doc' ; Liam 'Corky' ; Steve 'Mura'

mad giles email

As you can see Giles is well please with his 3rd in championship

How close does Liam want to get to Doc

three banked 2 email

New boy 'Mura' showing 'Who' and 'Toad' the way around Oulton Park

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