Oulton Park Oct 20th; Race Result

Oulton Park Oct 20th
Due to Liam breaking his leg it was left to me to complete the last race of 2007 for Team FJ. I was leading the championship by 2 points ahead of Denis Sholicar and Mike Hose, this meant that who every won the race, won the championship.
The last race at Oulton in April I came fourth and was some 12 seconds behind the winner, Mike. So to win would take a miracle.

Race for Grid position;
I started off on pole due to the current leadership standings and by the first bend I was second behind who I thought was Mike Hose, then I nearly ran into the back of him so I backed off, again into the down hill second bend, I noticed a big buff of smoke from his exhaust and again he seemed to go very slow. I tried to go around the outside thinking that any minute his bikes about to blow. Along the straight (Lakeside) Denis got pass me and by the banked corner ‘Shell’ bend, Mike passed, so who was this guy in front?
As the laps went by, the leaders pulled away from me, I was having trouble with the rear tyre spinning coming out of the corners (I was still using the same tyre that I had just done a full track day on) so losing acceleration coming out and down the straights.
The final result was Denis, Martin Powell (who I found out later was a guy I knew from as a fellow instructor from a track day company we helped out a few years ago, also the reason for his slow cornering speed was, he confessed to me that he didn‘t use tyre warmers!), Mike and me fourth. This still meant front grid so not such a big problem except that I was lapping at 1’57 and they were doing 1’54.

Race for championship points and trophy;
I needed to make some mods to make the ‘Fudge’ quicker, so I dug deep into me pocket and brought a new rear tyre. Then I fitted a smaller front gearbox sprocket from the standard 17t to 16t, this should make me be able to use all the revs in top gear as I was only able to use up to 8500 revs.

The first corner I was fourth and again some how Martin was first, now Denis and Mike was being held up but by Shell corner they had got pass Martin and I managed to get pass him by out braking into Lodge Corner (later we found out his GSXR Slingshot engine had blew on lap two). The remain laps Denis and Mike was fighting like dogs and I had a perfect seat watching only 20 metres ahead of me. I was getting hard on the gas now I had a new tyre and was revving the nuts off the poor motor, hitting the red line in third, full throttle in forth, full throttle in fifth and taking it up to 9200 revs in top.
By Lap five I was gaining on the pair only to watch Denis and Mike pull the pin for the finally lap. I was sure that it was going to end in tears. One point Denis tried to pass Mike on the outside straight on Lakeside only to be pushed towards the grass, how he missed it I don’t know. Eventually Mike got in front of him and they crossed the line with me only 4.5 seconds behind. Their last lap was a 1’52 which was an incredible time while I was running the fastest I’ve ever been at the Oulton with three consistent laps times of 1.54.

The result was, Mike Hose became the Forgotten Era champion for 2007 by only ONE point, I was joint second with Denis Sholicar. The icing on the cake was that I was called up to the office to be awarded the Marshals ‘The rider of the day’ trophy called The Paul Leonard Award. I felt very honoured that the Marshals had picked me out of ALL the riders from the Wirral One Hundred Club. This is a very special trophy and makes up lost of losing the championship.
The award might be for my riding or simply their shock at seeing a FJ race, and WIN

eductible) please contact me on 01454 299325 or if you wish to make a some small donation to our racing effort (as it cost a fortune to attend the meets etc) please visit our web site www.fjracer.com. And finally a thanks for all the support from members via emails or in person, it means a lot to me that members are interested in the clubs racing effort.

liam broken

Liam out of action. Broken leg from playing at Catulanya (Spain)

lodge2 oulton oct07

Kerry's picture of Doc going through Lodge Corner

whelly oulton oct07

Bike wheeling on straight to Lodge (see pic below)


Lorinda and Phil holding Cup for 2007

paul leonard cup 07

Paul Leonard Cup from the Oulton Park Marshalls

I will give you a run down of what its like racing the FJ around Oulton;

First bend is Old Hall Corner, you have just passed the start/finish line flat in fifth at approx 140mph, you have to scrub some speed off to get through this corner so you drop down two gears into third, the pegs kiss the tarmac and the knee hits the deck, the exit is scary as it jumps out at you and its hard not to hit the curbs on the left high side (though Liam has a habit of not worrying and simply runs them over), after the apex its full gas, then flat into forth, same to fifth.
Now your running down into Cascades at approx 110mph, you have to brake hard and drop into forth, once the knee goes down you know your near the apex so you power out and as you pick the FJ up your on full throttle, half way down to lakeside your into fifth. To get into the left hand Island bend it’s a ballsy bend, and I like this one, so its no brakes just drop it into forth and power out hard up to Shell Corner.
This corner is banked with either two entrances, one is sweeping in from the left or tight into the bottom right. I tend to take the bottom right and allow the bike to drift up the embankment slightly whilst hard on the brakes and dropping into third. Coming out of here is very important so it full throttle whist your knee is scraping, due to the banking the FJ just explodes out of the corner (this is were most of my slides came from this exit), run it along the edge using all the track, full gas into forth for about 100 yards before very heavy braking and down to third to hit the chicane at Brittens.
This is a hard left then right, you pick the FJ quickly (which isn’t easy on a 210kg bike) get it on the fat part of the tyre and its full gas, third, forth and as you get into fifth the front come up about a foot as you go over the Hill Top. Not letting the gas off until you are on the 150M braking marker, then it’s a heart in the mouth massive braking from 130+mph, down two gears into the slow Hizzy Chicane, you have to be careful here as your right knee hit’s the curbs as you try and keep the line tight as possible, the flick to the left is quickly flowed by a right, again its flat out in third, watching not to high side as there is very little run off. The drive up over Clay Hill is the most awesome spunky bend on any circuit, its blind, its over a hill, its flat out and I’m in fifth, so it very fast, but I love it.
Druids Corner is very ballsy, again its blind and taken in forth, I have to really watch this corner as the pegs , the boot and the sliders really dig in hard onto the tarmac, it just won’t lean over any more, all this at over 90mph. The exit is awesome as well because the track drops off and you get a massive nature three foot wheel flat out in forth whilst your still slightly baked over, then as it comes down, you hit fifth with full throttle only for it to come up again (about a foot) due to another dip in the track on your way towards Lodge Corner.
From fifth your braking very heavily and dropping into third, its easy to out brake yourself and go straight on. Luckily the FJ weights so much it just seems to dig a hole into the ground with the front tyre, no wobbles or weaves, its planted.
The exit out of Lodge corners is exciting as your full throttle in third, then forth as you crest towards Deers leap, where again you get a pleasant wheelie as you hit fifth and nails it pass the start/finish.

So lets look forward for 2008. This time the FJ Team will have FOUR riders, me (Doc), Liam Horgan, Steven Munson and Giles Whiteley.
I would like to thank everyone for their support over 2007 especially those who gave there time and energy, these include Mark (Ernie) Lodge, Mark Arliss and Kerry Rawson. Also Gordon Steele who help me set up the FJ’s to race.
If anyone would like to offer their support in Sponsorship (Tax d

whelly oulton oct07

The FJ is flat out from Druids Corner, the straight has a few natural dips. The FJ is excellerating so hard the front stays up. This is in Fourth gear doing approx 110mph. As you can see from the picture 'Doc' is leaning over the front to help keep it down.

oulton oct07 hill

The drive up over Clay Hill is the most awesome spunky bend on any circuit, its blind, its over a hill, its flat out and Docs in fifth

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