Thruxton October 15th

NG Thruxton Oct 15th

Pictures by Kerry

It would need an act of God to come away from this race with the championship as Adam on his R1 was 20 points ahead. A DNF by him would be my only chance and I wouldn’t wish any bad luck on the guy.

Mura and Jorge had not been to this circuit before and due to there not being any track days available at this circuit it was going to be a real struggle for them both. I’ve only done one days racing here too, so I didn’t exactly have much experience myself but I took Mura around for a few laps to show him the way round.

Race 2; Round 13 Qualifier; 5 laps

Weather was sunny so at least we had no problem about tyre choice that gave us problems at the last meet at Pembrey.
The Pre-Injection class was full with the best of the season 12 bikes and riders.
It’s a very fast circuit and I had changed my gearing to the maximum which is 18t gearbox and 38t rear. Even with this I was revving up to 9,000 revs down the back straight.
Michael Hobbs was there on his R1 and from the off he was set on upsetting the apple cart and in qualifying he’d set a blistering pace of 1;24.68. Adam came in behind him while I was 3rd in class.
I new I had more to come and was sure I could get past Adam but Michael was on a mission and taking the 1st spot from him would be difficult.

Race 12; Final round 13; 6 laps

I had my worst start of the season as the FJ tried to wheelie, so after gaining control I was 12th in the race. It took me another lap to settle down, and on the third lap, I had caught up Adam and passed him between Noble and Goodwood. Then it was flat out on the Brooklands straight and out-brake Greg Allsop (on a R1) into Club hairpin, but as I exited the bike went flat, (this is not a good place as you have all the axe murderers bottle necking through this small hairpin), I quickly raised my hand to inform other riders I had a problem and one of them tagged the back of my bike as I coasted to the edge of the circuit and exited.
Back at base we found that the battery had gone tits up and had resulted in no spark.
The rest of the guys finished the race with Michael Hobbs taking 1st, Greg Allsop 2nd and Adam taking a safe 3rd.

End of the Pre-Injection 2011 season
The result was Adam and his R1 had again won the season so a big congratulation must go out to him.
My problem was the 2 DNF’s through being taken out at Pembrey and Anglesey, you cant afford to loose 25 points (twice) in a season and Adam punished me through his consistent finishes.
I had won the races and taken the lap record at Brands, Cadwell, Anglesey and Oulton. This meant a total of 7 race wins compared to Adams 4 race wins. If you take Anglesey as a win, because I got knocked off, it meant there were only 3 races that he’d beat me and they were all at his favourite circuit Pembrey.
Championships are won with points so Adam is a deserved winner but I think I can hold my head up high and if it wasn’t for my DNF due to other riders then things could have been so different.

I’ve taken the decision to not do a full season in 2012; it’s down to money and time. It takes £1700 to pay for the entrance fees for the one season alone and unless I get some sponsorship from some kind fellow I can only do a few races in 2012.
This is a shame but I feel there is not a lot more to prove. I’m racing not only against the 2001 Pre-Injection class but also against modern (new) sports bikes like the ‘big bang’ 2011 R1as ridden by Tom Louth who won the Metzler DTR 1300 Streetstock championship. I’ve even, as at Brands, managed to beat all the 1300 Streetstock bikes and, in other races, came 1st in class but 2nd overall in the whole field of race entrants on this humble 27 year old Yamaha FJ1100 tourer.

So thanks for your support over the last six years and hope you have enjoyed reading about me and my FJ Racer as much as I’ve experienced riding it.

1 Adam Jeffrey 264
2 Philip Hacker 228
3 Michael Hobbs 176
4 Steve Hutchins 127
5 Paul Harlington 91
6 Brian Parker 88


Doc still up for winning the last round.
Championship Winner Adam on his blue Yamaha R1


Paul 'Jorge' manages to Beat Mura, great achivement


Michael Hobbs on his Pre-Injection Yamaha R1

Big Thank You
goes out to Kerry for all the fantastic picture she has taken over the last 5 years


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