NG Thruxton 2nd October

Round 14

Having never ridden the circuit due to it being impossible to do track days there I was in the deep end racing here.
NG tried there best by offering me two practices. The first practise it was foggy and the track was damp, the circuit is very wide and open and it was difficult to find any reference points and there is a serious fast right hander that goes on for a life time. After ten minutes around the circuit I was not much wiser and when comparing it to the drawing of the circuit it looked complete different.
Practice two was dry but by the second lap the Fudge had an electrical fault resulting in a fuse blowing, the result was me having to pull over off track. I changed the fuse for it to only travel another 1/3 of the circuit distance before for it to break down again. Another fuse and I managed to get back to paddock. On inspection notice the relay had water in and so dried it out and re-taped up.
This now left me without much track time but I was still expected to go and race. Shit!

Race 5; Qualifying Race
Was placed on grid position 11, Adam was 10. The plan was to follow some rider and get some quality laps in. I realised that it would be an act of God to get a good result but there was no way I was going to let Adam take the championship without a fight.
When the lights went out I got my normal good start and tuck in behind the leading group but it wasn’t long before Adam caught me up and passed, which he then proceeded to disappear. The fast right hander was my biggest problem, its serious fast and never ending and my Fudge isn’t best on the fast parts of any circuits so this is where I lost most of my time.
Finally finished 10th but Adam had a fantastic 4th position. He knew the circuit and his R1 was well suited for the circuit. I was some 3 seconds a lap slower, much improvement was needed and quickly.

Race 14; Championship race
Still had a massive uphill challenge if I was to get near Adam but with another ‘Stoner’ start I was in front of Adam by the first bend. Head down I tried to follow the leaders but on the fast part they was still pulling away. By the second lap Adam came pass. Now was my chance to follow him and learn the circuit. To my surprise I manage to stay with him, I just followed his lines as I had no lines of my own to work with. Into the start/finish chicane I was right on the back of Adam but once on the fast right hander he would pull a slight gap. Again into the chicane I was on his back but this time I nearly hit the back of his bike and at to back off and wait for him to accelerate. Again into the bends I was feeling I could take a plunge and over take but there was no point, I didn’t have an idea of where I was going, so I tuck in behind and clocked some more laps, learning the lines and braking point.
The second to last lap on the fast part my engine when flat at 8,000 revs, it was like if was running out of fuel. This gave a few Street Stock guys chance to pass. By the final lap, two more came past and there was nothing I could do due to the limiting revs.

I knew in theory I didn’t have a chance of beating Adam unless Adam made a mistake and gifted me the race. Adam and his bike looked a bit loose which I think Adam put down to his tyres but he ran a faultless race and has now took the championship.
The only thing I was pleased about was even after such a short spell riding Thruxton I was very close to Adam’s time so I know next year he will have a real fight on his hand.
All there is left is to Race at Silverstone , its new circuit to both of us as they have renewed the course so it might be a bit of a level playing field.


Sorry no pictures, only video

thruxton MAP

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