NG Snetterton June 12th and 13th

Having never raced at Snetterton or done many track days, Mura (on his FJ1100 Racer) and I went for a trackday on the Monday before the meet to get our heads around the circuit.
The high light was when for the measly fee of £25 the GP legend Nail McKenzie Instructed me around on his BMW1000RR whist I played catch up on the FJ, which good tips and lines were given.

Saturday 12th June

Race 5; Qualifier. Sunny / dry
My times around the in practice and on the trackday were around 1:18 but I was given the grid position of 8th out a field of 20 due to pass performances. The full gird included the Pre-Injection class plus the fast Streetstocks.
I had a great start and was 5th into the first bend and to my surprise held them off for a full lap but second time down the back ‘Revett’ Straight the big boys were starting to pass due to the lack of the FJ’s top end, even though I had geared it up to 18t front and 40t rear.
On the fourth lap Adam and his R1 (PI) came passed down Revett Straight, I slipped streamed him so I could keep in touch with his fast R1. Later a Streetstock again passed me down the straight but not wanting to give it up easy I out braked him for the wickedly fast left handed into the Esses only to find me climbing over the back of Adam.
What my FJ lacked in top speed was made up with good corner speed and a grunt engine for good exit out of the slow bends. Next lap tried to out brake Adam in the same place but it looked a bit risky, I even tried to ride around the outside of him around Corum right hander but it looked an impossible move.
On the Final lap still on Adam ass I got on the gas early out of Russell Bend and Adam was unable to get pass whilst I crossed the Line on the Senna Straight.
The result was 7th ahead of Adam in 8th, the lap times were 1;16.9 whilst Adam had got a faster lap when he must have been trying to catch me up from my ‘Stoner’ start with a time of 1:16.2.
Mura was riding well and was having a battle of his own with a Honda CBR900 Fireblade, which he managed to get the better of not only him, but the remaining six PI and Streetstock guys.

Race 14;
Round 7 Championship race. Sunny / dry

On the grid in 7th and Adam was next to me in 8th. Got a good start but by the time I came around to the left hand ‘Russell Bend’ I had a big moment when my front tyre let go, by luck or judgment it gripped again. This is a common problem with Snetterton as there are only two left handers so the tyre never gets warm. Over the next few laps I kept my head down while Adam was being held up by the Streetstock guys.
Peter Carr who was on one of the super quick Superstock bikes was put to the back of the grid due to a break down in the warm up lap, so by lap five he nearly suck my stickers off my bike as he came pass he down the back straight.
Finally on lap eight Adam passed me down Revett Straight but I wasn’t given up that easy so I out braked him into the sweeping left hander by going around the outside line.
The last Lap Adam came passed again but he left no room for me to do the same overtaking pass so I at to out brake him on the inside of the left hander, it was a bit of a spunky move but I at to do it otherwise Adam would have been leading into the lat bend again.
Around the infamous Bomb Hole and Corum I hoped Adam wouldn’t pass, once into the last Russell bend I knew I could hold off Adam across the line which is what happened. The times had drop massively to 1;15.17 with Adam getting a better time of 1;15.11.
This meant that I got 1st in the PI class, Adam was 2nd and Mura on his FJ1100 came in amazing 3rd in class and still in front of six other PI and Streetstock guys, well done Mura.
To explain how close the racing between me and Adam is, I only beat Adam on the first race by 0.06 of a second and in this one it was 0.33
Either one of us could have won; it was great racing for both of us and the small crowd plus the Marshall’s who was watching

Sunday 13th June.

 The PI class has no restriction on tyres so I purchased a pair of slicks from Dennis Trollope, I was hoping that this might give a bit of an edge against the quick Adam and his 2001 R1. So out in practice I bedded them in, they felt stable and having never ridden with slicks on my FJ racer it was something to get use too the extra grip.

Race 5; Qualifier. Cloudy/dry
We always start with the grid positions that were given on the first race so I was in 8th while Adam was on 6th. Again I had a good start but as in the other races, Adam was back to over taking me down the back straight, all I could do was slip stream and make up some of the lost ground on the brakes.
Two Streetstock guys caught us both up and passed, later Adam had a moment as he drifted out really wide while coming out of Sean Corner but while I was looking at him getting back onto the correct line I forgot to take advantage of his error and ended right behind him as he went down the straight. I was trying everyway to pass him, I was again looking at an over take around Corum but there wasn’t a lot of room so my best chances was on the exit of Russell Bend.
Lap after Lap I would out accelerate him out of the Russell’s only for Adam to pass me down Senna Straight before Riches Corner, we were passing one another many times.
The final lap I held a little back into Russell’s so I could get really good drive and passed him out of the bend and again like the last qualifier race I pip him to the flag with only 0.1 second between us.
The result was a 8th for me and 9th for Adam.

Race 14;
Round 8 Championship Race; Cloudy/dry
It was decided that I would remove the carbs air filters too see if I could gain any ground down the back straight but on the warm up lap something was wrong, it felt flat between 8000 and 9000 revs, like it was running out of fuel.
This was going to bugger up my race as you need a good top end around Snet.
The start wasn’t perfect in that I never gained many positions and soon found Adam in front. In the first few laps a few Streetstock guys came pass me and finally Adam. One time I came out of Sear Corner in 4th instead of 3rd and lost a lot of ground so I knocked it down to 3rd and let it rev to 10,000 revs (redline at 9500), this seemed to make the bike quicker as if it seemed to pull through the slight flat spot.
Around the third lap, Adam had pulled a good distance from me and I was starting to think I couldn’t catch him.
Adam was getting some attention from Justin Collins on a 2009 R6 and at times he looked like he was going to swap paint with Adam, to which he took no notice of Justin’s wild moves and kept his head down.
Mean while I was slowly catching Adam up on the brakes and pulling out of the slow bends. With only a few laps to go I was on his tail and then made a move that I had sent all weekend trying, I drove around the outside of him through Corum, even if I say so myself it was a ballsy move and manage to catch Adam unaware as I passed and lead into the Russell Bend.
Now I got my head down and revved the nuts off the FJ taking it to 10k through each gear and was shocked and pleased when Adam never came pass me on the two straights.
On the closing laps I caught up a back maker on a Honda SP1 and passed it around Corum. This left Adam catching the bike up into Russell by which time I had gained a few seconds so for the final lap Adam was unable to respond and I finished 8th just over 3 seconds lead from Adam.
Mura had again been dicing with the Fireblade who was determined to take 3rd place off him. Mura held him off to finish 12th in race but 3rd in class, which is an excellent result, FJ’s 1st and 3rd in PI class.


This was one of the most difficult races i've raced in and Adam made me take it to the wire with his excellent performance on his R1. Either of us could have won any of the races but Snetterton happen to be my weekend like the race before Adam had had the double at Pembrey.
We are now level on points and it’s still all to play for. Hold onto your hat as its looks like its going to be neck and neck all season.
Worth mentioning Mura fantastic performance of his FJ1100, two thirds in the PI class and he’s going to get better the more he rides his quick FJ (we compared his to my FJ and his was actually faster down the straights). Let’s look forward to Anglesey a circuit he knows well where he can take more Streetstock scalps.

Pictures Taken by Kerry


This picture shows how close this racing is


Doc just in the lead as they go through Russell Bend


That Fireblade is wanting Mura's 3rd place


Great picture taken by Kerry, even makes Doc look fast!


Adam 81 in front whilst Doc 11 looks for away around


Not that Fireblade again, hope Mura doesn't look behind


One of the best pictures taken over the weekend


Watch Out! In coming Blade. Mura will cut off his nose

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