NG Silverstone 23rd October

Pictures by Kerry Rawson

Friday Oct 22nd; Track Day

Never having raced at Silverstone, track time was needed but every time I tried to complete the 20 minutes sessions something went wrong.
First was, on the second lap while heading into Maggotts Corner I found I had no front brake, this was even more scary when you realize that two guys were about to tip into the bend. I at to head straight across the front of them at high speed. missed them by feet and then when I managed to stop I notice the carbs were flooding.
Back at pits I found out the crash at Anglesey two weeks prior must of loosen the banjo bolt, this tightened and system bled, the brakes were sorted. Carbs float bowels were cleaned and re-fitted.
In the next session back came the problem of not revving above 8k after only three laps. We replaced the fuel filter thinking this was perhaps the problem.
Next session same problem, thinking this time it was the under seat tank I re-filled up and tried to finish the session but the problem came back before the finish. Decided to fit the OE fuel tank and connected it to the fuel pump, thinking the under seat tank had a blockage in the outlet.
Next session, two laps in the engine wouldn’t rev about 5k, pulled into pits to find the fuel pipe connected to tap had came off, the excess of fuel had luckily collected in the belly pan, saving it going over the track.
Next session same problem not revving at high speed, but when I slowed down and engine would pick up again the only answer was to by pass the fuel pump and connected the OE tank to carbs directly so being operating by gravity fed. On doing this I think I sussed the problem, the quick release couplings! These had become blocked or were restricting fuel flow.
By now I had no sessions left, so day wasted but a least it wasn’t on a race day.

Saturday 23rd Oct

Practice; I needed to check out fuelling, the OE tank direct to carbs had solved the problem but being wet unable to get good times in. All seemed to be working correctly.

Race 5; Qualifier race
Track was wet but drying. Everyone went out on wets, it was the safest option. Being the first time racing at this circuit I hoped I could latch onto a fast guy or even try and follow Adam on his Pre Injection R1 but I had a good start and was up the sharp end. Over the 7 laps I was being passed down the Wellington Straight by the Streetstock guys, this showed up there top speed advantage and passing me just at the braking point into the only left on the National circuit, Brooklands Corner.
One time I managed to re-pass one back by going around him in the left hander and then took the next guy around Luffield Corner leading onto the start/finish straight. I finally managed to finish a good 8th. Adam seemed to have grip issues and was some 5 seconds back but I knew that Adam would come back at me in the main race for points when he gets his race tyres on.

Race 14; Final round 15
I was on grid 8, Adam on 11. The track was dry so all the guys would be giving it max in these conditions as the previous wet race had leveled it out for me.
Again a good start and it wasn’t long for the Streetstock guys again passed me just before the braking none. I had no answer in the dry and just kept my head down waiting for Adam to pass.
I had a small problem in the first 7 lap race with arm pump so I tried to paste myself in the final laps of this 10 lapper and when Adam passed me into Brooklands I thought ‘Game On’. I went to pass him back but ended up tucked right behind him on the exit, I thought still got a lap and ill get him on the next lap into Brooklands but as we shot into Copse at the end of the straight I was shock when he backed off, thinking that he had a moment, then I saw a yellow flag and I realized that the race had finished.
Missed the last lap flag again, so much for saving my arm. I came second by only 0.2 second.

Adam had pushed me right throughout the year and was the deserving winner of the NG Pre-Injection Championship. All year we had been sharing the wins and had some great battles. So here’s to 2011 and hopefully I can push that bit harder on my 1984 FJ1100 against the pre 2001 bikes I’m up against.

ng-s phil2
ng-s start

Brooklands Corner; The only left hander

ng-s wet1

No 11; Philip Hacker ; PI Yamaha FJ1100

ng-s adam1

No 81; Adan Jeffery; Pre-Injection Champion 2010

ng-s brian1

No 166; Brian Parker; Fireblade PI rider

ng-s mat1

No 67; Matt Pearce; Kawaski ZX600 PI rider

ng-s phil3
ng-s phil4
ng-s phil1

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