NG Pembrey May 14th - 15th

Pre-Injection 14th May 2011

Race 2 Round 5 Qualifier

Adam Jeffery on the R1 had finally got his number One R1 back with a £3000+ motor installed which was tuned for 172bhp. This with his BSB spec 16”.5 wheels on full slicks it was looking like I will not be seeing which way he went.

Mura had turned up with a pair of Racing FJ’s plus his wife Caz, who was now getting into the act with an ACU licence and had entered her Honda VFR400 in the 400cc Streetstocks. Paul ‘Jorge’ had his FJ1100 and had his Wife Kate to to make sure he didn’t crash.

Weather was dry so after practice, Race 2 was the race for qualifying.
But unbelievably even before we got to the grid their was a ‘plie up’, two bikes in the middle of the track has come together and due to oil the start was delayed.
I was placed 5th on the grid with Adam few place behind. The start was good and I was 2nd for two laps but eventually Adam caught me up and passed. I tried to follow and tag onto the back to see his lines. I realised that it would be close and we crossed the line with me only 0.29 seconds behind. I had equalled my best lap at this circuit with a 1;03.7 but Adam on his quick R1 had set a fastest lap of 1;03.16.
We had got an excellent 3rd and 4th in race against the fast Streetstock bikes but 1st and 2nd in class.

Race 12 Round 5

I nearly didn’t start the race. The FJ didn’t seem to like starting cold, it was taking a long time push before it finally caught, and there was something wrong that would need to be looked into later.
I was expecting a 2nd in class as Adam was on his new super fast R1 and I was riding a 10bhp down (due to head replacement from snapped cam chain see write up) on a 27year old FJ but I was going to make him fight for it.
Had reasonable start and was 4th into the hairpin but by the 3rd lap Adam was once again passed me. I then started to notice it wasn’t pulling correctly in the top rev range and I would have to back off the throttle and back on before it would pull; even then it was going flat in top. That’s not I wanted with all these fast Streetstock bikes around and finally on the last lap a GSXR1000 got the better of me on the fast back straight.
This left me 5th in race (2nd in class) and Adam had had an excellent result of 3rd in race and obviously 1st in class. Adam had done an amazing lap of 1;02.73, that is seriously fast. I had broke my own personal record and dipped to 1;03.27 but not fast enough.

Back at the pits we looked into the problem and after checking everything out Mura sussed it was the light weight battery fitted. This also cured the poor starting.

That Night Liam had arrange a BBQ and it was a great evening spent eating burgers chatting about Liam’s old racing stories, well it wasn’t actually racing, more like ‘crashing’ stories.

May 15th
Race 2; Round 6 Qualifier

It was found out that Adam had had some bad luck and while out in the Power Bike race is new expensive motor had ‘gone pop’. No one deserve’s this and Adam decided that he would swap engine from his No2 bike as the No1 bike as this had a lot of chassis mods so was worth the extra work.
By first race it was sorted but as I saw him on the grid he was not a happy guy, which can only be expected.
Didn’t get a brilliant start but by the first lap I was fourth with Adam sat behind me, I felt I was being slightly held up by a GSXR1000 No7. Adam passed both me and No7, this meant I had to follow if I was to get near him so manage to get under the Gixer before the Esses and kept Adam in my slights.
By lap 6 I was getting really close as now I had no problems with the top end, but on the last lap 8 we came across back markers, who happen to be Paul on his FJ. Adam got him just before Brooklands Hairpin but as I tried to follow Paul was already heading for the apex, so not wanting to do a harsh move I waiting until he had cleared the hairpin and went after Adam.
This had allowed Adam to get a 2 second lead as we crossed the line. Being a race for Grid position it wasn’t a problem as it’s the main race for point that matter.
Can’t complain as I again got faster at 1;03.13, knocking on the door of a 1;02 lap. Adam even with his low spec engine did a great lap of 1;02.95. The gap is getting closer!

Race 12; Round 6

Now bike sorted all I needed was a good start but my luck ran out as I entered the first hairpin ‘Hatchets’ when all of a sudden I was launched into orbit. Mura said a guy hit me from behind but what ever happen the result was the same, me lying in a heap in the track. The rest of the racer’s did a good job of missing me as I was headed head first into the tarmac whilst my hand took a massive knock against the track.
The next thing I know I’m in the ambulance being checked over. They did a great job and soon let me out to see Lorinda and Liam looking worried.
This wasn’t the plan. Now I’ve lost another 25 points and the result is I’m still just in the lead by two point but after all my hard work winner the first four races I’m gutted.
To add insult to the injury I found out that Adam was lapping at only 1’04 due to a knackered quick shifter.

This leaves the championship wide open so it’s everything to play for at the next meet at Mallory on June 5th


Hatchets Hairpin, even Doc had a crash at this 180' bend


Take a look at these shots taken by Kerry, bikes can fly

No one was injured and the owner even ask Kerry for a copy.

Pictures by Kerry Rawson


Doc van with spare FJ (Giles old bike)


Not a view we had often at Pembrey


Mura getting to grips with his No 1 FJ racer


Paul 'Jorge' first time at Pembrey and gave Mura a run for his money


Doc on 'Giles' old bike, incase his FJ let him down


Close racing bewteen Mura and Jorge


Nice picture taken by Kerry


Jorge looking like a real racer. Impressive!


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