NG Pembrey July 10th and 11th

Pembrey; June 10th and 11th; Streetstocks and Pre-Injection

It was a bit of a panic as I at to rush back from the club French tour (550 miles) to make this Pembrey meet.
Mura was already set up but having never seen the track at Pembrey the free practice was spent showing Mura around the circuit. He picked up the course very quickly and was soon finding extra track he thought he could use (see his write up). Even Ben Spies can’t learn a circuit that fast, so Mura was in the deep end but what he lacked in circuit knowledge was made up in the size of his gonads.

I started the racing meet with level points with the championship leader Adam Jeffery on his 2001 Yamaha R1. Adam is known for being fast around Pembrey but I wasn’t going to give up the points without a fight.

July 10th; Race 4; Round 9; Qualifier race.
I started 8th with Adam on grid 7th but after the warm up lap the weather had closed in and it started spitting. I was on Slicks which isn’t a good choice on a wet track but has luck would have it, after the first lap the heavens opened up and the race was ‘red’ flagged so was stop.
This left me only 15 minutes to change the wheels for full ‘wets’ tyres, so the race was re-started. It was mad, as all 20 of us entered the first hairpin ‘Hatchets’, please note none of us had any practise on the wet circuit. Adam is good in the wet and on the exit he was ahead of me and his lead was extended throughout the race while I wobbled around trying to keep him in my sights, not a chance!
Race finished with me in 11th and Adam a fantastic 7th. Mura made 17th in front of two Streetstock guys riding a GSXR600 and R1

Race 13; Round 9; Race
By now the weather had brightened up so the track was dry, thank god!
I was way back in 11th while Adam had a good spot in 7th. This didn’t stop me having a ‘Stonking’ start and by lap one was in 6th and poor Adam was bashing fairing back in 10th. As the laps went by so did the super quick guys on the Streetstock, as really I shouldn’t have been in front but I held them off for as long as I could, but by lap 5 Adam had caught me up and passed. The next lap he was held up by one of the Streetstock guys and he did a great pass on him into the ‘Esses’ but I was unable to follow him.
I kept him in my sights for most of the race. I still at to fend off the other guys and I retook one of the Streetstock guys only for him to pass he back on the fast straight.
The final result was Adam 7th (1st in class) with a best lap of 1:03.49 and me 9th (2nd in class) time of 1:03.89. Amazingly Mura had a cracking race and got 3rd in class and for his rewards he got a trophy. What can you say! Never seen the place before and first races gets a ‘dust collector’. Good one mate!

July 11th; Race 4; round 10 Qualifier race.
I needed to dig deep if I was to get some points back from Adam, but this is one of his favourite tracks so I knew it was going to be difficult.
Again I started 8th and Adam 7th. Another good start (Adam is always shocked with my starts) but this time I was right on the back of the fastest of the Streetstock guys, lap after lap I was within a few metres of the leading guys. It seemed to work out that they would pull away from me down the straights but I make it up on the brakes, they would hold me up through Brooklands hairpin and the result was I would loose drive coming out. I was impressed with myself that Adam never passed though I knew he was only a fraction of a second behind me as we passed the finish line. I took 7th with Adam 8th

Race 13; Round 10; Race
Looking at the times that Adam did, I knew he was doing faster lap times and it was only my good starts that was saving my skin. So this race was no different, got a good start and by the first lap I had only dropped one place to 8th but Adam also seem to make a good start and was right behind me. I stayed in front for the next 3 laps and on lap 5 Adam made his pass in his best overtaking place into Brooklands. Adam was on a mission and as I tried to keep up. I had a massive moment out of Hatchets hairpin as the rear tyre let go nearly high siding me, so I backed off to a comfortable pace and Adam slowly pulled away. I had no answer to his quick pace. The result was Adam came 8th (1st in class) lapping with a 1:03.53 and me behind some six seconds in 9th (2nd in class) with my best of 1:03.83.
Mura had a fight on his hands and his lap time had tumbles to 1:07.87 and came in at a very respectable 4th in class, which I sure he must be well happy with.

Next meet is Anglesey. This is track where for the last four years I've been racing in the Wirral 100 club, so Adam isn’t going to get it so easy here, and I WANT MY POINTS BACK.

Mura (Steve Hutchins) write about the Pembrey race

As we are missing a round of the Wirral championship this month & I needed a racing fix so I entered the NG round at Pembrey.
We set off at 15.30 hrs & we got there at 22.45 so it was along old trip. We got the van unloaded & as Caz sorted out the other bits I decided to go for a walk round the track so I had some idea of the lay out as I have never been to Pembrey, you can’t see much of the track in the dark as you wander round with a torch but never the less it worth a try. Phil wasn’t going to be there until the Saturday morning as he got home at 9.00 after cutting a club run short to make the weekend & after his 550 mile ride you can understand that he needed a rest.
Saturday morning Phil arrived at 7.30 we promptly got him unloaded & down to tech inspection to save any rushing around as Caz & I got my 2 bikes done first thing, with this done & both of us ready for practice the plan was for Phil to show me round so I could pick some lines ready for race (Thanks Phil).
This was working well for about 6 or 7 laps, if I am honest I am not sure how I cocked up but as I came out of Dibeni & tipped in to the next left hander I thought “oh dear I am too fast & cant not make this “ well I used one word & its family show but you get the idea. I picked the bike up quick & shot down a track/service road that was covered in gravel so it was hard to stop the bike before I hit the tyre wall at the end of it ! I stayed on the bike so all was good.

Race for grid positions
The sky was a bit on the dark side as we rolled up in the holding area & I thought at least it was dry for my first race, we lined up on the grid & I started form 19th (don’t laugh), we done 1 or 2 laps & the race red flagged due to rain. We had 15 mins to get the bikes ready for a Wet race, not a problem for me as I had prepared my spare for the wet before left so all I had to do was change bikes, Phil had little time to change his wheels so Caz & I helped & he just made the race.
We lined up again for what was now a wet race, I got a fair start but the first bend comes up so quick & when I got round it I had no idea if was last or there was a couple of riders behind me. I pushed on as fast as I could with my limited 10 minute knowledge of the track & finished 17th after a few battles with the guys at similar pace but I stayed on & gained another 10 laps experience of the track.

Championship Race
The track had now dried so I lined up 17th on my number 1 bike. I got a good start but this was a waste of time as the guy on the grid in front me was bouncing the front wheel up & down at while moving the bike side to side so I had no choice but to back off change line & pin it, by this time everyone had left me behind & managed to get a few places back on the brakes at the first hairpin, after a couple of laps I was just left with a hand full of people at the back & had a real battle with a couple of the street stock guys but the real battle was between me Brian Parker for the 3rd place in the PI class, Brian & I had been passing each other throughout the race, he would pass me going in to the bends & I would pass him on the exit., I think it was about the 8th or 9th lap when I was chasing Brian that he ran wide & I took the advantage to the line & got 3rd in class on my first championship race at Pembrey. My lap times had gone from 1.12 in practice, 1.15 wet race to 1.08 so I was a happy bunny as it was first time at this track.

Sunday Practice
We used the same plan as Saturday & I followed Phil round for a few laps but this time I managed to stay on track !
Race for grid positions
I started 19th & Brian was 10th, it was Brian I needed to beat but he got a flyer of the line, I stayed behind him for the first lap & on the 2nd lap he took a nasty tumble at Denbi bend, I got my head down & again had a battle with the back runners in the street stocks & finished 15th.
Championship race
I got a good start & made it cleanly through the hairpin & pushed on as hard as I could , I was having a real battle with Danny Squire as we passing each other for a couple of a laps until the back span up & nearly spat me of at the brook lands hairpin, this slowed me down a bit & allowed Danny to get away from me & John Daly to catch me & pass me, I had to dig deep to real John back & managed to get the place back on the last lap. It was a hard race but very enjoyable, I finished 4th in class & came away with some points.
To sum up, I am glad I entered Pembrey, had an enjoyable weekend, scared myself to death, entertained the marshals with my high speed unorthodox lines down service roads, lap times down to 107’s & had a bloody good laugh the whole weekend. A massive thanks to Caz for all her hard work this weekend & a big thanks to Phil for giving me some idea of where to go on the track.

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