NG Racing Pembrey April 25th / 26th

Pre 2001/Injection or Steel Frame (PI)
Class; Pre 2001 ; pre injection ; steel frame
(racing in the same race as Streetstock aka Powerbikes)
North Glos Racing Club

Was invited to take part in a new class racing in the NG Racing Club
below is the result and findings of a one off attendance.

Pembrey April 25
Race for grid;
They gave me position 35 out of 37 so its far to say I was at the back of the group. Due to inside position I managed a good start and soon caught up with the ‘axe murder’ in the street stock. They had the legs down the straights and I would try and gain on the bends. Its was difficult to out brake them as they was fast.
Finally finished 17 ahead of the guys in the PI class except a guy on a 2001 R6 which was lapping 3 seconds a lap faster then me.
Race to trophy;
From the position 17 I was on the outside lane. Not the best place to be when entering the 180’ first hairpin. At to do a lot of overtaking to regain my position, it was very close racing as the Powerbikes guys would give you very little room, I finally finished 18 on track but a good 2nd in class.

Pembrey April 26;
Race for grid.
The yesterdays winner on the R6 was not taking part in Sundays race so their was a chance I could improve on the 2nd place or so I thought.
Was shocked to find that I was given a starting position of 35 again after the day before final finish of 18, but that was the rules, to put all the PI class to the back of the grid.
Didn’t get a good start and was mugged into the first hairpin by a few riders. Eventually I caught up a guy on the new 09 Yamaha R1. I was faster from the after the hairpin but every time I tried to take him through the bends he would come across me and nail it down the straights. While I was mincing trying to find a way through, over the two laps the others in the PI class caught me up and they managed to passed me. I finished 22 in race and 3rd in class.
Race for trophy;
After Liam giving me a few tips I was determined to get a good start and stop them out braking me into the first hairpin. So from position 22 I aimed for the very tight right hand corner of the hairpin only to find that it had almost come to a stop as the 25 guys wanted to take the same space. I kept a very tight line on the exit and while the rest was sorting themselves out I made a quick escape. Again like the last race I finally caught up with the 09 R1 guy but this time when straight pass him into a right hander bend. The guys following soon found the problem I had and was unable to make a break pass him. By lap 7 or the expect 9 a red flag fell and I finished 11 in race and 1st in class.

To cap;
The class is like the Forgotten Era not well attending but I’m sure as the season goes more will turn up. Pre 2001 means they are very fast guys/bikes and will make a good challenge for us FJ’s so the good results will make a sweeter taste.
The NG racing club is massively attended and very professional run and like the Wirral 100 very friendly.
They offer a lot of different tracks from Brands, Pembrey, Snetterton, Oulton, Cadwell, and Anglesey.

I came; I saw: I conquered

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