NG Oulton Park 18th Sept

Round 13; Race 5;

Pre-Injection pre 2001, Qualifying Race

Was placed 8th on the grid and Adam Jeffery who is on equal points in the championship was on 9th.
I was able to get a good start as it was a reasonable long way to the first bend which gives my Fudge time to get up some steam. But the same problem was being held up in the bends, the worst on was Shell Banking as I would brake late and be on the Street Stock guys chuff all the way round, only waiting for them to accelerate before I could put on the power. Finally I over took Justin Collins into the Shell and was able to make my way but it was too late and the leaders had gone. I finished 6th place but knew I could improve on this in the race for points.
Adam was lapping over 3.5 seconds slower but I had managed to break the class lap record (held by myself in 2009) to 1:51. Adam told me he was hoping for rain to give him a chance in the main race as he’s very quick in the wet.

Round 13; Race 14. Race for championship

Adams rain dance had resulted in light rain falling, we were unsure as to which tyres to fit but everyone seem to play safe and op for the Wets, then whilst lining up on the grid the heavens open up, defiantly wet tyres now.
Knowing how good Adam can be I had a another good start but when tipping into the first corner there was a massive pool of water and everyone seemed to wisely back off. I Thought if I could keep the leading guys in view then this should be enough to keep Adam off my back, but as heading into the last bend ‘Lodge’ the RED flag came out, I was in a good 5th place, then realised I at to do it all again.
They held us on the line for 5-10 minutes for the re-start. Now I felt more confident as I had good feeling in the first few wet laps (no practice in the wet, this isn’t Moto GP). So for the restart I was determined not to head for the inside line and the pool of water so I simply went around the outside of everyone and was fourth going down The Avenue. In front was one of the guys that held me up in the first race so I did a brave overtake on the inside at Cascades, this meant I was 3rd but when going through Shell I heard a strange noise from the front wheel.
As I extended my lead from the rest of the group I again heard the noise but this time is was really bad. I thought it was the front brake disc coming loose; it got so bad that I was actually using my front brake whilst accelerating and trying not to brake hard. It was no use and by the third lap Adam came pass, at this there was no point risking my neck so I came in really pissed off.
When we put the bike on the stand it became obviously what the problem was. We found front wheel bearing had collapsed, I’m not talking about a bit of movement but there was NO ball bearing left in the race, no wonder I was using my brakes to keep the wheel level and I was lucky I came in when I did as it was getting to the point of locking the front wheel.
Result was Adam came 1st with an excellent ride from Mat Pearce taking 2nd spot.
3rd was Nicholas Brockman and a Honda CBR600.

This has made a massive impact on the championship. Adam won the race and took the 25 points, with only two races left its going to need a miracle to get back the points. Its not fair to Adam to simply not attend the last two races as it would undermined his results throughout the year so I’ve got to do is do my best and if I can win the remaining races it would be to prove that I could of won the championship without my mechanical failure. That’s racing!


Doc on his way into Cascades


Adam Jeffery 81 riding his Yamaha R1 2001 Pre-Injection


Matt Pearce 67 riding his Kawakasi ZX600 1999 model PI


Brian Parker 166 riding his Honda CBR900 Fireblade


One wheel bearing collapsed = loss of 25 point


These are the Streetstocks bikes that Doc's racing his humble 26 year old FJ1100 against.
First bike is a GSXR1000 2007 model
Second bike is a Yamaha R1 2009 model.
Doc was 3rd before his wheel bearing gave out.

oultonpark map

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