NG racing Oulton Park 19th September 09


Doc over Deers Leap in the wet

Pre 2001/Injection or Steel Frame (PI)
Class; Pre 2001 ; pre injection ; steel frame
(racing in the same race as Streetstock aka Powerbikes)
North Glos Racing Club

Qualifier (Race 2) Streetstock and Pre-Injection (PI)

Liam (Corky) and I decided to attend the last North Glos racing day at Oulton Park. The forecast was good so it was straight down to scrutineering at 8am on the Saturday. Liam had a new weapon to help him get his ‘shed’, I mean FJ, through. It came in the shape of Dora, his girl friend. It worked a treat and the guy was asking more questions about her than the bike.
After a 10 minute practise session, next was the qualifying race over 6 laps.
We turned up only to find that we had missed the Tannoy call ,as those racing, were already on the warm up lap. We were directed to the back of the field (no shock there anyway as they keep putting the PI class to the back of the grid), the problem was instead of the slot 20, I was now 29th and Liam 30th.
I managed a ‘Stoner’ start and took as many as I could on the outside line, Liam was caught on the inside and had to swerve around a guy puling a monster wheelie. The outside line of the first right hand bend is fine but the problem lies in those going into it too hot. They tend to, and do, punt you off onto the grass. This time a few had wandered wide but not enough to worry, so after some scary over takes by me on the first lap I was 11th.
Over the next few laps I picked them off one by one, obviously my FJ was never going to out accelerate a Gixer or R1 so it was done either on the brakes or simply through the bend. An over take was done on the exit of the first bend, this was even noticed by Mark the guy who had already tied up the PI championship and was watching from the side lines, on which he commentated with some kind remarks. On the last lap I managed to take two more before I crossed the line. I was really pleased with my fourth position.
This wasn’t 4th in class (as there was only me and Liam coming under the PI regs) but in the full grid race of Street Stock racers of Gixer 1000, R1s and CBR1000RR etc… and this was from a poor 29th starting position.
Liam did an excellent job of 10th, again, mighty impressive when you consider the 25 year old FJ he’s riding and his FJ has considerable less horse power than mine. …. And him being 4 stone heavier!

12 lap, Race 11 Streetstock and Pre-Injection; plus GSXR 600 Trophy class

With my under seat tank of 7 litres we worked out there was no way I could complete a full 12 lap race so I pulled the original tank off the wall and set about fitting it only to find the tap leaking and we had to re-seal it with a gasket sealer.
Then to make matters worse, 20 minutes before the start, the rain came in, so it was mad panic stations as we replaced our race tyres with our spare ‘wet’ wheels.
For the start I was given 4th position on the grid and was wishing I was at the back of the grid. I’m not the best when it comes to full wet racing as I’ve only ever raced once before in the four years racing. So, with my head down, I managed a reasonable first two laps. After this, realising that it was a 12 lap race, I settled for a steady pace, especially, after seeing two guys in front have massive rear tyre slides as their wet tyres looked for grip.
A few of the GSXR bikes came through pretty sharpish, one was on the back straight and missed me by inches when there was no reason for it, only for him to find a back marker in front as we entered Lodge corner. This held him up so I simply passed both of them around the outside (never did see him again!). The race seemed to last forever but finally I came across the line in 13th. When the timing sheets were given out I had come in 5th in the Street Stock class which is really what I’m racing in.
Poor Liam had more bad luck as he had a miss fire and never managed to get a lap in.

Again thanks for Mark and Kerry and a few other helpers for helping me and Liam out over the day, its surprising what help a few extra hands can be, so thanks all the same.
When I went to collect the timing sheet I had a laugh with the ladies working in the office for the NG club. I told them that Liam has had such bad luck this year that he can’t even get second place when there is only two of us racing. I told them I hope to see them next year and perhaps I can convince the other FJ racers to attend.


Corky in some great shots taken by Kerry


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