Mallory Park 5th June 2011

Picture by Kerry


5th June 2011
Round 7

I was still very much injured after the accident at Pembrey, both hands were damaged and the right was my biggest concern.
I couldn’t use my normal two fingers for braking and the wrist was very sore making smooth throttle openings impossible.

I wasn’t going to give up the championship that easy and it wouldn’t have been fair to Adam the current lead and last years champ it I simply walked away.

Also to make like more difficult I had never raced at Mallory so a good practice was important. But it was not to be.
After starting the bike up we noticed a fuel leak on the carbs so I pulled the lead of the electrical pump ran it dry. This normally sorts out the problem so I went straight up to the track, but after a lap I knew there was a problem as it was running poorly and worried about getting fuel on the track or my tyres I pulled in.
To cut a long story short we had to strip the carbs and found a bit of the fuel pipe jamming the float needle open. By the time we had sussed this out I was lucky enough to get out in the last practise. Then bad luck came back when there was a massive accident leaving oil all over the track, so I only managed a few laps. Not good.

Race for grid position.

The first two laps I was riding like a novice, not feeling good in both myself and the bike. This duff hand had changed everything so I just got use to braking with the full hand and was careful when opening the throttle; Result was 13th and 5th in my class.

Race 10 Championship round 7

Adam had got 9th but had 2 Pre Injection class guys in front so there was a little bit of hope of losing too many points against him.
Had a great start but it didn’t take the Streetstock guys to get pass me. In the back of my mind was telling ‘Don’t Crash’ and as I pushed I was getting a big slides as I was coming out of the devils bridge, I put this down to not having any real control or feel on the throttle from the damage hand. So I did my best and finished 13th but managed 4th in class. Adam got 2nd by being beaten by Nick Colley on a R6.

This leaves Adam Jeffery with 138 points and me 2nd with 133 points


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