Adam Jeffrey and I are on equal points in the Pre-Injection Class so it was all to play for as the circuit is know to favour me. Adams favourite is at Pembrey which is next on the race calendar.
Adam had not been out of hospital very long after an operation so with ‘True Grit’ had turned up with a lot of pain killers.
After the practise it was obvious that Adam was on form and was going to make me work for my points.

Race 2; Round 9 Qualifier
I had a good spot for the start on the outside of the second row with the main Metzeler Streetstock guys in front. I had another ‘Stoner’ start and was in 2nd into the first corner, I managed to keep them at bay for a while but eventually Tom Louth on a ‘Big Bang’ R1 came past then a guy called Simon on the latest Kawasaki ZX10R (traction control the full works). I was easy picking on the back straight and was unable to gain the ground back into the Hairpin.
I decided that I would back off a bit as it was a race for grid position but was shocked when I passed the finish line in 4th that Adam was less than a second behind me.
Race 12; Round 9
I was up for it now. Had to keep up with the fast boys and in doing so, hope that Adam couldn’t keep up. The first bend I came out 3rd again with Tom in the lead and Simon on the ZX10R taking 2nd. The normal problem with the big modern bikes is their sheer speed on the fast parts but I could make the ground up on braking or mainly in the slower bends. On lap 3, I over took the ZX10R down the Cork Screw’ and took off after Tom on the Big Bang R1.
I managed to keep in his tracks on the fast part and went to make an over take into the Hair pin but thought better of it as I was coming from a long way back.
Then suddenly there was a massive bang. I was shunted down the road and I could see this ZX10R go flying by which had also taken out Tom by hitting his rear wheel. The result was his bike flipping over and landing in a heap. My bike was lying on the edge of the tarmac spilling out fuel whilst I was on my back. I ran over pick up the bike with the aid of a marshal. I went over to Simon (the ZX10R rider) asking how the ‘f—k was he going to out brake me when i'm thinking of over taking Tom. His answer was “I couldn’t STOP!
The result was I’ve now lost my chance to win the 2011 championship because this twat didn’t like the fact that a 27 year old FJ was in front and went so fast on the straight to make up his lack of speed in the bends that he took both me and Tom out.
To make matters worse, Adam came in second to Michael Hobbs but then Michael was deducted 10 seconds for a jump start and in fact Adam was awarded 1st place. This guy has been praying to the right GODS.
Mura told him to rush out and buy a lottery ticket.
Sunday August 14th
Race 2; Round 10 Qualifier
Needed to redeem myself after the upset from the last race so Boss (Mark Arliss) said “Just go out there and Blitz them all”
So with a 5th on grid I got a reasonable start and came out of the first bend 3rd behind 110 Matthew Billington on his Triumph 675 and Tom Louth on the R1.
I kept up with their pace which was at the Pre-Injection lap record pace of 1’14 and on the final lap I over took Tom at my favourite place which was through the Cork Screw. Crossed the line 2nd in race and 1st in class. Adam was 5th in race and some 5 seconds behind.
Chatting to Tom later that day made me laugh. He said “You’re fast on the Slow bits and I’m fast on the Fast bits” I replied “You mean I’m quick in the corners and you’re quick on the straights” YES!
Race 12 ; Round 10 
Now with a better start on 2nd position I was hoping for a good start but was soon 3rd after the 1st lap, with both again Matthew and Tom in front. On the third lap Tom passed Matthew and I quickly followed not wanting Tom to get to far away. For another lap I followed and was eyeing up an over take through the Cork Screw but thought I’ll be sensible and wait until the last lap as we were both lapping at a respectable speed, then the RED flag came out shortening the race to 5 laps out of 8. I was disappointed as I knew I had the beating of Tom as I had just beaten him in the race for Grid. It didn’t make any difference to my race as I was first in the Pre-Injection Class but was hoping for a credible 1st in the complete race against some super fast Street Stock bikes.
Adam had move his game up but was still lapping a second slower and came in 2nd.
I can't see how I can gain back the points I’ve lost from being taken out in the first race and losing 25 points against Adam who seem to go around like a Swish watch. Don’t wish any bad luck against Adam but I just hope a bit of good luck comes my way over the last three races. Fingers Crossed


Doc's over takes a 2010 CBR1000 through the Cork Screw


Adam watches as Doc goes alround the outstide of a 675


Mura 144 in front of Jorge (Paul) 170


Great picture taken by Kerry


Mura and his wild style aboard the FJ Racer


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