Pictures taken by Kerry Rawson

NG Anglesey 14th &15th August

aug 15 me-adan-brian

Adam, 2001 R1; Doc FJ1100 84 and Brian CBR900 1992

I consider this my 'Home' Track' as I’ve been racing at this circuit for four year with the Wirral 100 Club.
All the other circuits I’ve been racing with at the NG I’ve always had the disadvantage as all the competitors had had lots of experience.
Adam is leading the championship by 10 points and I was hoping to get my points back.

Friday was a practise day. I felt I didn't really need it but it’s a long way to go (near 500 miles round trip) so why not have an extra day.
Just before going up on the Thursday night some Twat drove into the front on my Van and practically wrote it off, so 10.30 pm we at to pack all the stuff into the car and load the racer on the trailer.
I left early in the morning too find Mura and Caz already set up.
Later that afternoon Mura decided to have the afternoon session on the track but 3rd lap in some idiot took him out on the fastest part of the circuit, were talking close to a 150mph.
The result was carnage, Mura was punted into the air where I’m sure he could see Ireland, he then slide up the embankment. With good luck he only suffered a broke collar bone which was amazing considering the total destruction of this FJ Racer, you need to look at the picture to get the true scale of the damage.
This was a massive upset for Mura, not only the damage bike and suffering but what really pissed him off was like me he had a lot of experience racing at Anglesey and knew he could put on a good show and was hoping to have a crack at Adam, and I believe he would of given him a run for his money.

Pre-Injection, Pre-2001 (with Metzeler 700-1300 Streetstocks)

14th August;
Race 5, Round 11; Qualifier

Adam had been worried about this weekends racing due to some big accidents he has had in the pass here and in his practise result was looking like a few seconds slower than I could pull off.
On the grid Adam was 7th and I was 8th. Because of the very short distance to the first corner I was unable to get my Stoner starts as it was still a surprise that Adam was in front of me in the first corner. So I thought I'll follow and see what he's got. Too my amazement he put some serious lap times in and had improved by 3 seconds to 1;15.47. One point I passed him into the first left only for him to re-take me out of the Banking.
My main problem was I was on the rev limiter for about 1/3 of the back straight, even though this was the same gearing I’ve always used, must of been to Adam pushing me and having to ride harder than normal. Last lap I was on his back when he dived under a Metz guy into the hairpin, there was no way I could follow and Adam came pass the line in 6th and me 8th.

Race 14; Round 11 Race; 5 laps.

I was determined no to let Adam get the better of me so right from the start I had my head down. So manage to get in front of Adam then noticed I was still in touch with the leading Metz guys put on the exit of Peel one of the guys had a massive high side, he was flung into the air and landed in the middle of the track while his bike was only a few feet away.
I’ve seen this before where you back off, guys pass you while your waiting to see a red flag so with my head down I rode between the rider and his bike and nailed it down the hill, now I was fourth but has luck would have it half way around the red flag came out and we was held up at the exit of Rocket while they attended the fallen rider.
It wasn't long before we was back on the starting grid and I was back to 8th again but now the race had been reduced to 4 laps.
The start was the same and I managed to get in front of Adam out of the first bend just behind the leading three guys.
These guys on there Streetstock modern 1000-675 bikes was having massive acceleration out of the Banking and I was obviously unable to keep up from there and along the back straight but would pull them back on the braking into the Hairpin.
Sometime I had problems running into the back of one of them as we went into the bends but once they had picked up there bike they was off again. Adam was struggling to pass a fast Metz guys to get near me so was having all the same problems as myself against them.
I came across the line 4th in race but gladly 1st in class and got 5 points back from Adam. With my gearing changed so I wasn’t over revving the engine so my lap time went down to 1;14.77, this is the first time I’ve broke into the 1;14 and with 4th in class against the big boys this is the best result I’ve had to date.

15th August;
Race 5; Round 12; 6 laps Qualifier.

My rear slick was looking a bit worst for the wear so just in case I had fitted a new one, Adam had had a new tyre fitted the day before. Again back to grid position 8th while Adam was 7th as per the day before. As the round before got ahead but this time was closer to the leading group but still 6th, in front was a GSXR100K7 and a Yamaha R6.
The first attempt to pass the K7 was into the hairpin, I showed him a wheel but he wasn't going to let me have it easy so the next lap I got on his chuff along the back straight, my knee was hitting the track at over 150mph before I swept up the steep hill and into the Hairpin.
This time I had a complete bike length in front but again he wanted to come across me but I didn't give it back so I showed him the edge of the track.
Once in front I quickly caught the R6 up and soon passed him onto the entree into the Banking. Without them holding me up in the bends I managed to get a small lead front them and came 4th in the race and 1st in class.
In doing so I again broke the circuit record for my class now down to 1;14.42. Adam was having problem with his rear tyre and even though he was doing a fastest lap of 1;15.48 the Metz boys can hold you up and take its toll on you so he came across finishing a good position of 7th.

Race 14; Round 12 Race; 8 laps.

Now I felt I could perhaps have a shout at getting 3rd but even with my good starting position of 4th the Metz guys on there Streetstock pulled away bit by bit on each lap. I was still pushing hard and the lap time was well into the 1'14 but the extra laps was starting to make my arm pump so I settled down for a comfortable 4th and again 1st in class.
Adam was having an even harder time with his rear and I could see that it wasn't looking good when we were in the holding bay.
This meant I manage to get my points back and we are now on level points. This leaves only 3 races left. Next one is Oulton Park, a track that we both like so sparks will be flying.

aug 15 close est

Now how close do you want this racing ?

aug 15 behind
aug 15 beauti
aug 15 adam
aug 15 peel2
aug 15 close1
aug 15 hairpin

MURA writes about the accident

I had been looking forward to this round for some time & I had put an exceptional amount of effort in to preparing for this meeting as I am sure Phil will confirm. This was the only track that NG would be racing at this year that I had good knowledge of so was looking for a good result.
Although we had planed not to do the test day prior to the weekends meeting we were going travel up Thursday night so we had a nice relaxing day on Friday with ample to time to get set up for 2 days of racing. Phil was doing the test day & as all was set up I watched the morning session I thought I would see if I could get booked in on the after noon, what luck ( ha bloody ha) I managed to get a slot & thought I would use it to test the mods I had done & settle the new clutch in.
I set off at the back of the pack, the bike felt good & the clutch was holding up well, great ! The 3rd lap some twat, sorry but I have to say twat as there is no excuse for his actions, ploughed straight in to the back of me up the hill going in to the hairpin, this launched me off the bike close to 150 mph & I thought I was never going to come to halt. This was my weekend finished & it could be my season finished as yet, I am not too sure. I had a ride in 2 ambulances ( coz 1 just aint enough ), I have a collar bone in 3 bits, cracked ribs, bruises galore my leathers, helmet & boots are destroyed, the bike is totalled ! I have an obscene amount of work to do & cash to part with if I wish or choose to race this bike again because of the actions of 1 twat ! This was a test day not a GP ! You all know me & know I am bloody big enough to see let alone the fact I was on a FJ, lets be honest it’s the Scania of the motorcycle world !!!! Not a mini moto !
At this point you can you probably guess I am far from calm about incident & you could say “ well that’s all a part of racing”, I would agree & take it on the chin if this was a racing incident but it wasn’t, it was just sheer stupidity. I doubt the moron that caused this will ever read this but you never know, so if by chance you do would you think out of common decency an apology would have been in order !

I would like to thank the NG marshals, medics, club officials for helping Caz (many thanks guys), the staff at Bangor hospital, Mark & Kerry & all who helped us but most of all Caz, with out her I would be up shit creek at the moment.

If I don’t make the next round I wish Phil & Adam all the best, they both deserve the win , good luck

aug 15 phil 1st

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