NG racing Angelsey 15/16 August 09

Race Class; Pre 2001; pre Injection ; Steel Frame (PI)

(racing in the same race as Streetstock aka Powerbikes)
North Glos Racing Club

Anglesey - Costal Circuit

Saturday 15th August. Race 2, round 12; 8 laps
Liam Horgan (aka Corky) had decided to join me in the NG racing against the Pre-injection class and in the Streetstock (unlimited modern sport bikes with a horn and number plate on controlled Metzeler tyres).
We arrived to unload the FJ’s in the rain and wind. The practise was delayed and eventually we entered the wet circuit on full wet tyres.
Due to the delay for poor weather the organisers decided that the first race was cancelled so the first race was going to be for points and trophy race. Not a popular decision as this was the first time that the club had race at Anglesey and most had had very little experience but as luck would have it the track dried out (with damp patches).
Liam was unable to fit a pair of race tyres in time so fitted a race front and wet rear, I had managed to get a pair of race wheels in before the start.
The club’s policy is to have the PI class at the back of the Streetstock field which I was not happy with as I knew I could get up the front of the fast boys if given a chance, so I started off in position 22 and Corky was 26 (last).
It’s always hard work to get through the pack from the rear but I managed a reasonable start and was soon picking off the big boys on their Streetstock bikes. Due to the damp conditions I was unable to put in good lap time and was managing with a fastest lap of only 1;18;29, which is three seconds off my best pace. I was having scary rear wheel spins on the fastest part of the circuit as I passed over the damp patches, this meant I had to back off as I went over them and get back on the gas after.
The last two laps I had a massive scrape with guy on a Fireblade CBR1000, we was overtaken one another a few times per lap but finally he got the better of me over the line with a gap of only 0.5 seconds to take a 10th position in the race but a 1st in class.
Corky did a great job of only being two places behind me to take 12th and second in class. Mark on a R1 in the PI class later told us he was having a gearbox problem and was gifted third spot after Rob Foster drop his 99 R6.

Sunday 16th August
Qualifier race 2 (round 13) for grid position. 5 laps
Woke up to a dry and sunny day, which meant a dry track. Liam went out in practise to bed in a new pair of Bridgestone 003 race tyres.
As with the NG racing set up, the next day is a new race day so it was back to the rear of the grid again, but this time I least had a chance to get a better grid placing for the real race.
Like the race before on Saturday I had a good start but this time on the last two laps I was behind three guys on a 675 Triumph, GSXR600 and CBR1000. Over took the Blade by out braking him into the hair pin from some way back as I didn’t have the speed of his Blade on the fast uphill straight. The two other guys were a similar problem as they had the speed on the straights between the bend but I had good corner speed. On the final lap, like the Blade, I out braked Gixer into the hairpin and then did a brave over take on the exit of the Cork Screw leading onto the last bend, once I had shoved the big Fudge in his path there was no way around me, so I lead across the line in 9th place by 0.3 second .
Corky had a poor start and at to man handle his Fudge through the field finishing a credible 14th .

Championship Race 11; Round 13
From a better starting position of 9th I had a better chance to at least see the front runners for a few laps. Plan was to get a good (Stoner) start and take a few before the first bend, but on dumping the clutch and the mistake of full throttle the Fudge decide it would like to flip, and I mean a serious stand on the back wheel wheelie. I let go of the throttle for it to come crashing down, this resulting in the handle bars crossing over Motocross style, so after nearly binning it I managed to get some sort of control of the bike only to get to the first bend to find many had passed me, even Corky.
On exiting the first bend some poor sod binned his bike big style and was lying on the grass ‘out for the count’ as I passed. Race must go on so nailed it into the Banking to pass a few guys including Corky who was trapped on the inside of the bend. On nearly completing a lap the red flag came out and a re-start was called for. What a lucky break, back to 9th for the new start. This time being a bit nervous I had a normal start with no wheelies so at least I didn’t loose any places by the first bend. Manage to pick a few of the quick guys off but due to the reduced race of only 4 laps I was on the shirt tails of two guys across the line and I know I would of got the better of them both if I had another lap. My lap time had increased back to my fast times of 1;15.52 and finished a very respectable 7th on grid (again 1st in class). Please remember that the gird is mainly full of the latest sport bikes (Streetstock) with Ohlins suspension, race cans, power commanders and steering dampers on top of an already super fast out of the crate standard bike.
Corky had another excellent race coming 14th on grid and 2nd in class, so again two FJ’s beating there best of the pre 2001 class.

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