New Mods on FJ Racer for 2011

The FJ has been developing over the last five years, from the original 27 year old Yamaha FJ1100 with its standard 250kg weight and a true rear brake horse power of 108, to the first years incarnation of 220kg /135hp, to last years 200kg/158hp monster.So their seemed not a lot more to come, only a bit a tweaking here and there.

So first was a new set of rings, at only £80 its hardly not worth doing, even though on checking, the compression ratio at the end of the seasons, it was still the same from two years ago earlier. Also while the head was off I cleaned up the head and re-lapped the valves in.

Then Mark (Boss) pointed out a set of lightly used Carrillo con rods in the States going for 300 USD (compared to over 700 new). These are lighter and much stronger than the standard ones and if fitted would allow me to rev well pass the 9500 rev limit that Yamaha seem fit to suggest for the standard motor. So I couldn’t resist and were acquired and post from good old USA eBay.

While I was putting the engine back together I slipped in a new cam chain for good measure, then checked the motor over and could not see any wear, I even re-fitted the old 40k big end shells (why not ! just ran in).
After running it in on the Dyno, up pop 160bhp, but now we‘re letting her to rev to 10,500 revs with ease.

With all the slight problems over the 2010 season with fueling and water getting into the electric’s etc I decide to do a ‘belts and braces’ rebuilt so built a new wiring loom with water proof connections and did away with any relay’s, plus managed with only ONE fuse. Keep is simple! Also fitted new fuel hoses, new fuel pump and generally looked at ever part to try and make it bullet proof ie all bolts loctited.

Back last year at Brands a guy called Neil Spalding (Moto GP Guru fame) came to say hi and to see the FJ (had fitted one of his excellent Sigma slipper clutches) On asking what would be the best way forward to improve my Racer he pointed out with disbelief that I had no front fork adjustment (well what does he expect with 1980’s technology )
So my eyes lit up when at the NEC show when on the Norton stand was their new 961 Commando, with Ohlins right way up forks. After a quick word with Mark Fisher (he had seen me race the FJ and had been impressed) did me a ‘one off’ deal for a set of these forks to help with my racing effort, bless him!.
All well and good having the forks but I still at to fit them to the bike, so not wanting to spend more money on a set of new yokes I fished around and manage to mix a set of second hand Fazer and XJR yokes to fit the new 43mm (up from 41) stanchions.

I had previously fitted a set of Brembo front brake calipers to the racer so I swapped them back off of my tourer FJ1100 with the Yamaha Gold Spots. It was a case of knocking (by hand with a hacksaw) up a new set of mounting plates to suit.Then as luck would have it, the OE FJ mudguard fitted a treat and finishes the job off, making it look factory built for the ‘Fudge’

The seat was sent off to P&P Seating as this had got damage in an accident at Anglesey and the addition of a set of number 11 were stitched on side of the Eddie Lawson type seat to finished it off.

In my commitment to lighten my bike I replaced all the steel engine mounting bolts with some manufacture from some cheap alloy bar from eBay by my nephew Tom. The frame was attacked (again) with a angle grinder, removing any sign of non-wanted brackets or lugs.

The ultimate weight loss was by fitting a new lithium battery, saving 3kg alone. The only down side is, it wont start on this battery but I only need it to run the electrics for the duration of the race, and now it has to be started by a remote charger.

The result was the FJ Racer now weighs 192kgs (with 2ltrs of fuel), a loss of 8kgs. Too put this in perspective, that’s a loss of 9 stone over the original FJ1100.

So here looking forward to the new 2011 season.Please come and watch, not only me but also Mura (Steve Hutchins) and the new boy ‘Jorge’ over the year in the Pre-Injection (pre 2001) class, racing against the likes of modern R1’s and Gixer’s on these old touring bikes.

Makes great viewing!PS; though the ‘grape vine’ it has been rumoured that Adam (last years winner) has spent a ’Kings Ransom’ for work done on his R1 engine and new wheels etc…. Bring It On!

2011 brakes
2011 right
2011 brakes02left
2011 rear02
2011 brakes02
2011 brakes-close
2011 right-front02
2011 rods02
2011 right-front
2011 bars

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