Cam Chain Snap


Cam Chain jammed in exhaust camshaft and guide

Cam Chain Failure

Whilst on a track day at Pembrey a week before racing on May 15th/16th me in the third session the bike packed in.
On returning to pits we checked the bike and after the fuel check we looked at the ignition.
There seemed to be a weak spark (or so we thought), so with a quick phone call home Lorinda met me half way and handed me a complete wiring loom for a FJ1100.
When we tried to fit the complete system I realised I had no wire loom so after an hour I had it sussed and fitted a stripped down system (see new diagnostic service loom that I've made up since). Now with a fat spark it didn’t start.
Now I knew it was serious so I removed the cam cover to find the cam chain snapped.
Never seen a FJ cam chain snapped before and had no idea why it would as these things last over 100k on the road and this was a new one fitted at the beginning of the season.

Back at the workshop it only took me 2 hours and 40 mins to have the engine split down to the crankshaft, pistons out and cam chain in my hand.
On inspection the valves had hit the pistons so without time to waste (only had a week) I fitted the old head from the 2009 season.
Threw the motor back together with new gasket and cam chain and Mura had convinced me to throw away the starter system inside the motor, this would allow the weight reduction of 4kgs put this meant it could only be started via a ‘Pump Start’. Then it was down to the Dyno room to check it out.
On the Dyno it showed I was 10bhp down from the big valve head. It would have to do so this is what I raced t Pembrey.

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