Anglesey Sept 29-30 Race Result

The racing was a weekend event over Sept 29th and 30th.
The racing was on the new Anglesey GP circuit 2.10 miles, previously we had raced on the Costal circuit (1.55 miles)

Saturday 29th
(Race 8) Forgotten Era race; Grid position race; 5 laps
The start is reflected in the current championship points which meant that Denis Sholicar was first and I was second. Not wishing to stall on the grid like the grid position race I took a steady start, but only to find I was in the lead by the first corner. Within a lap Mike Hose riding the infamous Westlake (the £25,000 one off race bike loosely based on the 70’s Triumph) over took me and I was unable to get near him. Liam had a brave race and struggled to match Denis fast pace on his Ex-up but had a great race against Llewelyn Griffin riding a tatty GSXR1100 slabside. The final result was Mike (best of 1.38.4 second lap), Me (1.40.0), Denis (1.40.5), Liam (1.43.1) and Llewlyn.

(Race 12) Powerbikes;
ie open class which includes the latest Gixers and R1 etc. 6 laps
Grid position was via a lottery and I was lucky to pull a 9th position. Liam pulled a 12th. This race is very entertaining by trashing a Fudge against the latest race bikes on the market. It great to mix it with these fast bikes and sharpens us up for a real race in the Forgotten Era. The result ending me in 9th, (1.38.9) though I was over taken many times only to re-take them at a later bend as I haven’t got the legs of the modern machinery down the straights. Liam came in at a respectable 15th (1.42.3). This is out of a grid of 21.

(Race 16) Forgotten Era, 6 laps. Championship and Trophy Race
What a race! Starting from position 2, I took the lead from the start after taking Denis out of the first bend. For 5 laps I lead, a first for me. At one point I was 3 seconds lead over Mike Hose who was 2nd. Then on the last laps and coming out of Rocket (only four bends left), Mike came on the inside of me and by Peel was in front, I was unable to get him back but I only lost the race by 0.37 of a second, it was close. Me (1.38.0) and Mike (1.37.0) was nearly 20 seconds ahead of Denis who is leading the championship, he came in third and Liam (1.41.7) had a great race taking Fourth. It was so close but so far to my first race win which is what I desperately need if I’m to get higher than last years final result of Third.

(Race 20) Powerbikes; 6 laps
Again me and Liam took the opportunity to get some practise in and the result was again a 9th for me (1.45.5) and Liam 11th (1.46.6)

Sunday 30th
That Saturday night the heavens open up so when we got up it was a shock to see a damp and called track. The problem was to either use the Race tyres or ride on the Wets.

(Race 24) Forgotten Era (damp) Championship Race; 6 laps
At the start while we were waiting to line up, Mike came over and pointed to his tyres and rocked his hand. He had New race tyres on and here was me and Liam sat on a pair of wets. Me and Liam thought that was it, he’ll be sliding over the damp (but quickly drying track) whilst are grippy tyres may give us an edge. So on the warm up lap I nailed the Fudge off the line showing Mike how confident I was with my Wets, only to have Mike shovel me off line coming out of the Banking, Shit! That idea back fired, perhaps the Race tyres was the way to go.
At the start I got to the first bend first. But it wasn’t long before Mike had over taken me, this time I was expecting it and took him back along the Tom Pryce Straight and out braking into the Hairpin. Held him off for another lap only to be taken again out of Rocket again. This time I took him after the Peel bend on the brakes going into the steep down hill left hander. This went on for the full 6 laps, we must had over taken one another at least 8 times. I had the advantage on the straights and braking into the bends, Mike was strong through the tight bends around Rocket and Peel. On the final lap I changed my position coming out of Rocket and kept a tighter line hoping to stop him coming on the inside of me into Peel. Mike still managed to squeeze pass into Peel, but I re-took him again on the steep down hill, I basically did a block pass by throwing the bike into the corner, parked it, then picked up the bike and went flat out along the Tom Pryce straight. Mike had no answer to this as his bike had less out right speed, I finally went pass the flag 8 seconds ahead of Mike (I later found out that he had missed a gear and bent the push rod in his engine). My best lap was 1.39.8 and Mike 1.39.3. One point worth mentioning is I thought I still had a lap to go so drove like a twat for another lap waiting for Mike to pass, it was only when I saw the yellow flags I sussed it was over.
Liam finished 5th (1.44.2) behind Denis in 3rd (1.43.1).
MY FIRST RACE WIN (and I was on wets), here’s to the last championship race of the year at Oulton Park.

(Race 33) Forgotten Era Trophy Race; 5 laps.
This was a carbon copy of Race 24. Again it was a big battle between me and Mike but on the last lap, and in the lead, whilst braking heavily into the Hairpin after the back straight, I locked up the front tyre, the bike went down, Shit! Only five bends left and at worst I would of got second as third was some 20 seconds behind. Well as Howard said just I left to do the race “2nd is not good enough!”. Liam came in a disappointing (to himself) 5th (1.44.4)

I now lead the championship by one point ahead of Denis and Mike only another one point behind him. So its all down to the last Race. The winner of this race takes the Forgotten Era championship for 2007.

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