After the last round Hutchinmura team had their work cut out getting the bikes ready.
Who had to rebuild his motor due to a cracked crank and only managed to finish it a few days before the meet.
Corky had picked up an electrical fault which had transpired to a misfire on the grid in the Oulton park race with North Glos racing club. Mura had traced the faulty connection on the main ignition switch. Mura had taken his motor apart and replaced the camshafts due to a bolt being pulled on the cam sprockets.
Team Hackerstini was in a better situation having only Thrush to rebuild his bikes slight damage from the crash in the last race in August.
Its funny how luck changes and it was Team Hackerstini turn for bad luck as you’ll read later.

Arriving on the Friday evening Team Hackerstini decided not to put up the marquee due to the forecast of windy weather and simply unloaded the van. Seeing as Team Hutchinmura had set up their marquee it was a case of piling into their place for the evening beer and piss taking.

Round 5 Anglesey; Saturday
Saturday seemed to go smoothly. Practice went without any dramas so I managed to fix up a video camera onto my FJ Racer for some footage of the racing; I had placed a pencil camera into the right hand air intake. This footage can be seen, look under Misc menu.

Race 3 Powerbikes 5 lap race for Grid position;
This is a good race to get our heads together ready for the main next race of the Forgotten Era and have a bit of a dice with the fast Power bikes.
I had pulled out a poor grid position of 27 (position numbers are on sticks that you pull from someone’s hand) and was right at the back of the pack with all the FJ racers in a better forward position.
Having the camera, this was actually a great position so see the action and over take the boys one by one. On the start I deliberately held back but, for some reason, Thrush got held up on the outside line on the first bend so I tucked in behind Mura but his heavy braking caught me out and I accidentally passed him into bend 2 around the outside. If you watch the vid you will notice one of the power bike guys taking to the grass. Then I got behind Toad for a bit trying to get as close as I could to get good footage (watch the tighter lines I seem to take) finally I over took him on the inside of the 180 bend. I could see Corky in the distance and after half a lap I managed to get on his tail. The footage runs a lot longer behind Corky as I was hoping to out brake him into one of the bends but, Corky being one of the late brakers, wasn’t going to let it happen. I managed to get past on the safe straight as you don’t want to be fighting the Irish man around a bend, it could end in tears, as he doesn’t give up his position easily.
The race result in the end was me 15th, Corky 17th, Toad 21st, Thrush 24th and Mura 25th. (Who didn’t enter the Powerbikes as he was unsure if his bike would hold together for the meet so opted to only enter the Forgotten Era).

Race 5; Forgotten Era; race for grid position.
Panic set in as it started to rain. It was only a shower but enough for all of us to fit wets. It takes about 15 minutes to change the wheels and it would have been tight between the races but luckily it was over the ½ hour lunch break.
So long as you’re on the front row it’s not that important to win the race but it’s a good feeling if you can. Grid position is started on the current class standing so I was 1st, Toad 2nd etc…
Another problem being in the front and leading from start to finish is you don’t see any action or what is happening behind you, so, after my ‘Stoner’ start, I finished first while Corky had fought his way up to 2nd whilst having a battle with super fast Tim Bradley in the 400cc class. Who came in at 5th, Toad 6tth, Mura 10th and Thrush 11th. This was Thrush’s first time on wets and it takes some getting used too as the bike moves around a lot and the steering seems a lot quicker, so he did well considering.

Race 11; Powerbikes championship race; 5 laps.
We all have a lot of fun in the Powerbikes, we know we’re not going to win anything but simply banging fairings with the fast Gixers and R1s is a great feeling. They pass us on the straights, while we then out brake them into the corners. The race finished me 14th, Corky 17th, Thrush 19th Toad 20th and Mura 23rd.

Race 12a; Forgotten championship race; 5 laps
Having a big lead in the championship against 2nd place Toad, all I needed was an extra four points. Corky had made his normal comment about kicking my ass, so the plan was to do a ‘Stoner’ start, with a quick couple of laps, and take a look to see how close the next guy was.
Everything went to plan but, what was shocking was, Mura was actually at the first bend before me. It’s fair to say he wasn’t leading on the exit, and, after that, I put my head down. After another fast lap I looked back from the exit of the banking and there was no one there. It was only when heading down the back straight that I noticed someone finally exiting the first bend. After that I just short shifted the FJ, using fifth gear, to allow the revs to drop. After the flag, I had a 26 second lead over Thrush; with his amazing 2nd place while Corky 3rd and Toad 4th. Thrush, Corky and Toad had been having a massive battle and with a last minute lunge, Corky had tried to pass both Toad and Thrush on the last bend only to go in too deep and Thrush squared the corner off and beat him to the line.
Mura came 9th with Whom, still struggling with his engine set up, coming in 11th.
This meant I had won the Championship with two rounds to go. This is the second year so I’m well chuffed.
I set a Forgotten Era record of 1;30.2. This is a massive 8 seconds quicker than Corky’s record from last year. To but this in perspective; Powerbikes fastest lap of the race, by the guy who came first, was 1;30.4. So this begs the question. Is it possible to get in the top 3 in Powerbikes? Now that would be an achievement.

Over a few too many beers, and with the news that I didn’t actually need to finish the remaining two races, I was talked into letting Toad race my bike and I’d take his. This would be a good bench mark to see if it’s me or my bike that is quick.
We changed the rear shock as Toad is a few stone heavier than me and has a strong spring; I also adjusted the handlebar levers to suit my small hands.

Race 19 Powerbikes
Now with me riding Toads FJ Racer and him riding mine this was going to be an interesting race. I told Toad just gets used to the bike but my plan was to stay in front of all the other FJ boys.
Had a good start and first lap. I noticed straight away that the FJ was pretty quick and the biggest difference was how stable is was in the fast corners, compared to my modified steering head angle on my FJ and its only when jumping on bikes, and comparing them back to back, that you can feel the difference, so I was impressed. After one lap I noticed the bike going flat at low revs but once revving it flew, finally by the start of the third lap the problem was feeling like fuel starvation, then I thought I could here a noise from the engine so I pulled into the hairpin. I was disappointed as I had a good distance on Corky and sat the rest of the race on the side lines watching.
After the race I pushed the sick FJ back to pits and after a quick inspection the motor wasn’t well so that was the end of the day for this FJ racer.
Rest of the boys came in from Corky in at 14th to Toad on my bike at 19th.
The next race was the Forgotten Era for championship points, so it seemed unfair to ask for my bike back so the plan was for Toad who was second in the championship to take my FJ for another race with strict instructions not to drop it.

Race 21; Forgotten Era; Championship race; 6 laps
Toad had a point to prove, he was on my fast FJ and we were about to see for real if was my bike that’s quick, by beating Corky.
I was watching from the sidelines and it wasn’t long before Corky was in the lead with super fast Tim Bradley on his Honda 400 snapping at his heels. Giles had made a good start and was in third only a few yards behind them both. Over the following 4 laps Corky couldn’t get away and now both Tim and Toad were within 20 metres of him. Then the worst happened, whilst on the fast 100 mph right hander leading up to the main straight Toad lost the front end and threw the FJ down the road. Shit!
Corky went on the finish the race in first while Thrush had another excellent result in 2nd. This was a great result for him considering it’s his first year; he’s been coming on in ’leaps and bounds’.
Behind him came Mura and another 9secs back was ‘Who’.
Toad came back with the bike in the recovery van, he was upset with himself and could find no reason for the accident, such is life!
With Toads bike out of action we set about repairing my FJ so I could finish the last two races. With the help of Toad, Corky and Mark the fairing or what was left of it, was removed. The brake master cylinder was swapped over; tyres were removed and refitted to remove the grass that had wedged itself between the tyre and the rim. Left gear assembly was swapped and ,where the crash mushrooms had snapped off, we fitted an engine bolt in its place. The under seat fuel tank was leaking petrol so this was drained and the original (normal) tank was commandeered into action.
The bike finished up looking like a street fighter but it all seemed to work so it went off to scrutieering who passed it off as serviceable.

Race 29; Forgotten Era trophy race; 5 laps.
Because I didn’t finish the last race due to Toad borrowing my bike, I was given 12th position, which was last place. With my beaten up bike I wasn’t going to let the boys get away with at least a fight from me.
Even before we managed to start Thrush was pulled off the circuit due to a leaking oil cooler, which we later found out was a good move by the officials as it could have easily dumped all the oil with horrendous consequences, though Thrush didn’t see it at the time.
So when the lights went off I was back to my ‘Stoner’ start and by the time I got to the first left hand bend I was behind Who holding a tight line whilst Mura was a metre away going around him. So I had no option but to go between then both, must admit it was a good move which I think shocked them both. I nailed it to the first right hander and kepted the inside line as I passed a few more 400cc bikes and found myself in third spot. Tim was behind Corky and I managed to out accelerate him out of the ‘Banking’, then as I got to the fast right hander (same one that Toad fell off) I was on Corky’s tail. So, without mincing around, I took him on the fast straight and hoped he wouldn’t out brake me into the Hairpin. I managed to fend him off and simply got my head down for the remainder of the race. On the final few laps I took a look and found Corky wasn’t too far behind but not close enough to worry me as I finished in first place. Corky got second, Mura came in 9th and Who 10th (3rd and 4th in class).
When I got back to the pits Corky shook my hand and said “I knew you were going to pass at some point in the race but seeing as you were last I would never have thought it would be in the first lap”. Mura and Who gave another comment about my overtaking manoeuvre and again they shook my hand.

Race 32; Powerbike trophy race; 5 laps
Again because I didn’t finish the last Powerbike race when Toads bike broke down on me, I was placed on grid position 26th. I had nothing to loose on my Street fighter FJ racer so I thought I’d give it a go.
With another stunning start I managed to get past about five bikes before the first bend but, instead of fighting with everyone for a place on the racing line, I simply took the widest line around the first left hander and took some more. I nailed it along the short straight and, like before, held a tight line around the ‘Banking’ and took some more riders. Flat out on the straight again only to find those in front backing off for the quick right hander, so I went around the outside of a couple of them. Then it was the main straight and, as I braked for the hair pin, I out braked a few more. By the time I had come down the Corkscrew there was only four in front. The leading guy made an error and put off the guys behind, so, without any hesitation, I went around the outside of three of them in the left hander. Now, this left just one guy in front. As he braked for the 180’ bend I thought ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ and out braked him into the bend. By the time I crossed the start / finish line I was in front.
The boys were watching (they had entered the previous race in Powerbike) and were now going crazy, because of my last to first position in a single lap, but things got the better of me and as I went into Banking, I entered it in fourth, normally third, so as I changed down a gear mid bend the front end washed away. Luckily I had a good lead and no one ran into me but the bike flipped as it hit the curb. That was the end of that. Hero to Zero in a few seconds.
Because of Toads little improvements I did little damage mainly as it was either, not on the bike or already smashed.

Last race is Oulton so back at the ranch. We plan to get her fighting fit again and, if enough time, I’ll do a few 2010 mods I had planned for the winter. Watch this space.


Mark 'Boss' Arliss Pit Manager


  Kerry offical photographer


Doc in the Powernbikes mixing it up


56 Steve 'Who'


  Steve Who into the Hairpin


Laim 'Corky' chasing Tim on his 400 FE


Thrush and Mura into the hairpin


Close racing; Thrush, Corky and Toad


Mura on the tail of Toad, different styles!


Team manager of Hutchinmura racing


Docs FJ never crashed in two year, until now


Doc overtakes in between Who and Mura


Doc rides the repaired FJ Racer

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