Anglesey May 26th 2008

Great news as Steve turned up with his FJ1100 to make it a four man FJ Team. Not ever ridden an FJ, Raced or been around Anglesey, it was a new experience for him and the advice was to take is steady.

The weather was very windy but dry, so the practise was important but Giles managed to bin the FJ on the first lap manly due to cold tyres (easily done). It was fixed quickly using parts from the spare FJ racer that we had built up for emergency.

Power Bike; Qualifying race
We use this to get up to speed for the real race of the meet, the Forgotten Era, but its great fun fighting with the R1 and Gixers. Out of 26 I managed a 14th place so that meant there was another 9 Power Bikes unable to match the speed of an 1984 FJ1100. Liam came 19th, Giles 21st. Steve simply took his time and got to learn a few lines against these fast guys.

Forgotten Era; Qualifying race
Due to Richie Ellis not attending I was starting on pole, Liam second and Giles forth. I made a quick start and soon got a few seconds lead over Tim Bradley who was riding amazingly very well on his 400cc Honda. I kept looking a watch behind because last time out here Richie nipped pass me on the last lap when I didn’t know he was there. Once I had a respectable lead I relaxed to finish First, with a lead of 3.5 sec. Liam came an excellent 3rd in race but 2nd in class and Giles got 4th (3rd in class). Steve got a excellent 13th out of 19 for his first race.

Power Bike; Race
Again, used these sessions to race for good practise. With a similar result to the qualifying race but Giles was having no luck and again binned it, but this time the other side of the bike. This left only 15 minutes after the race to get it back serviceable for the main race.

Forgotten Era; Race for points and trophy
Much like the F/Era qualifying race I got a good start with my only problem was keeping the front end down, it came down when I changed to third to take the first corner. After two quick laps of 1:16.8 (only .5 sec of the lap record set by myself last year) I looked behind to see a gap to second. I didn’t back off as much as before but kept a watchful eye behind. Came in to take my ‘First of the year’, 6;2 sec ahead of Tim with Liam in 3rd in race but 2nd in class. Giles who was perhaps a bit nervous from the two crashes came in 8th (4th in class). Steve was getting better with more time on the bike for a 14th (7th in class) but had lots of clutch slip so was unable to use all the power.

Would like to thank Kerry and Mark for there help at the event and all the members who came to watch.

Points to date

1) Phil Hacker - 39 points
2) Liam Horgan - 32 points
3) Richie Ellis - 30
4) Paul Myler - 22 points
5) Giles Whiteley - 19 points
Steve scores 4 points for his 7th place too.


Four man / bike FJ Race team; Phil, Liam, Giles and now Steve

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