Anglesey 29th May 2007

Results written by Kerry

Some of you may or may not know that the Anglesey track has been completely rebuild and designed, there are now 4 different circuits within the one venue and this was the very first motorcycle event to be held there. This created an extremely level playing field as no one rider had more experience at the track than another and I must say it made for extremely excellent racing IMHO .

For this meeting Phil and Liam had decided to enter themselves in the Powerbike class as well as the Forgotten Era, their reason being that this would allow them more time on track and gain some valuable experience against allegedly quicker and very modern machines (This is a open class so most enter on the new Suzuki GSXR1000k6 or the Yamaha R1 2006). I must say this decision paid off big style, the increase track time and competition worked very very very well.

The circuit they used for the meeting on Bank Holiday was the Coastal version which is 1.550 miles and by all accounts a nice one to ride.

Liam still had not arrived when Phil sent out for his first practice at 10.45am so we made out way to the spectators area to watch. After a few very ginger laps to get used to the new layout you could physically see Phil and the others finding better lines and starting to get into a flow. Practice over and back to the pits for us. We were met by a beaming Phil who had enjoyed his first outing and was analysing lines and thoughts with fellow Forgotten Era Racer and championship leader Denis.

Phil second practice was an hour later with the Powerbikes, a completely new set of riders he'd never been on track with before. Just as Phil was about to go out, Liam finally arrived at 11.55am, with 5 minutes to get his bike inspected and himself signed in it was a mad panic but he made it and managed to get out on the next practice after Phil .

After comparing notes on their return from practice we all wait with anticipation for the heats of the Powerbikes and the Forgotten Era races. Liam was to compete in Race 3 (heat 1) and Phil in Race 4 (heat 2) for the Powerbikes, then they were scheduled for Race 6 which was Forgotten Era, next was Race 11 for Powerbikes if they qualified in their heat and finally was Race 14 for Forgotten Era.

So after all that waffle here's the results:

Race 3 - F600 Powerbike & steel frames, heat 1: 
This race had three classes racing together to obtain grid positions, one was steel frame 600 ie CBR600, other was Formula 600 ie GSXR600 and R6 etc, then the Open Class R1's, Blades, GSXR1000's, this is a very fast class.
Liam competed in this one and finished a credible 26th out of 41 which was very respectable against , R6's, GSXR6's etc. In his Open class he actually finished 7th

Race 4 - F600 Powerbike & steel frames, heat 2:
Same three classes racing and Phil's turn next. He finished 22nd overall out of 36, again very respectable considering the opposition. In his class he finished in 7th

Race 6 - Forgotten Era:
Phil and Liam on track for the first time together on the new circuit. Phil came over the line in 2nd overall and in class with a time of 8:08.8, 6.0 behind with a best lap of 1:19.8 at 69.8mph. Liam finished 6th overall but 4th in class with a time of 8:33.0, 30.3 behind and a best lap of 1:23.7 at 66.2mph.

Race 11 - Powerbike:
This race was only Powerbikes ie Open class over 600cc, their was 28 in the race including Phil and Liam. Now this race was longer than the others (6 laps) at 8 laps. Phil ended the race in 18th overall (no class separation this time). Liam completed in 24th place. Phil even managed to lap three, one on a Ducati 998, others on a GSXR1000 and R1 Yamaha.

Now to the final and most exciting race of the day IMHO.

Race 14 - Forgotten Era:
With Phil on the grid in 2nd and Liam in 6th this was the closest race so far in terms of the FJ racers being level (ish) on the grid and we all anticipated a good race, we were not disappointed . Phil was concerned that in the 1st Forgotten Era race his main rival Denis had managed to make a break for it and was determined this time was gonna be different.

So Mark, Lorinda and I were spectating together from the banking when we saw Denis come round the 1st corner but to our surprise Phil was right behind him , Liam was next to come by us and had already made one place up in 5th . We stood and waited, 2nd lap, here came Denis again in the lead but still with Phil behind, next was Liam in 3rd, all 3 of us let out cheer and started waving like loonies, the FJ's were in 2nd and 3rd after only 1 lap - fantastic .

During the 6 laps, Phil hung on and even almost passed Denis a few times in front of us (I'm sure Lorinda must have a sore throat from all the cheering), Phil came over the line in a well deserved 2nd , with a overall time of 7:57.9 just 0.69 behind Denis, with a best lap of 1:18.4 at 71.1mph. Liam after a dice with Steve Cave being overtaken for 3rd just in front of us a few times then taking Steve back again further round, Liam finished a extremely well deserved 3rd , with an overall time of 8:22.3, 25.0 behind with a best lap of 1:22.4 at 67.7mph. We were exhausted just watching - well done guys !!

The gamble the boys made to enter the Powerbikes class paid off big style and by just comparing their lap times from the 1st races to the final Forgotten Era proves what a good decision this was.

Phil improvement of over 4 seconds and 4 mph a lap from the first and second Forgotten Era races.
Liam made an improvement of over 3 seconds and 3 mph a lap.

All in all, this was a fantastic start to the races at Anglesey for the FJ Racers, here's to the next one on 29 July - I can't wait.

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