Anglesey Costal Circuit; 1st and 2nd August 2009

Race 4, 8 laps; race for grid position

With a line up of 32 riders and now with the 125 and 250 GP bikes on the grid in the same race, it was going to be a very interesting weekend of racing.

Steve Who had rebuilt his FJ after his crash at Anglesey in May, Mura had boasted over 100 new mods done to his FJ during the break (though I think changing a fastener was classed as a mod, !).
Thrush had rushed out and purchased a new set of high compression pistons to match the rest of us and while fitting them we found a broken ring when stripping the motor, so it was a wise move.
Corky had got Mura to refurbish his FJ after his last meeting spill and even found time to make it look cosmetically good (ish) with a respray to the nose fairing.
My (Doc) FJ had developed a clutch slip so an extra spring was fitted to cure this, plus the brake problem that's been foxing me this season, was finally pointed out by Corky. It turned out to be a dished brake disc, this was fixed by swapping to my spare wheel with discs. Toad had done nothing, with the motto "if it isn’t broke don't fix it".

The old champ Denis Sholicar (exup) was back and to quote the commentator, he was after his first place back. We were told by a friend that Steve Cave (exup) was out with an injury from his last race at Oulton, so lets hope he gets well for the final two meets in October.

When the race started all hell broke loose as the Axe Murderers on the GP bikes were zipping in and around all of us, so by bend two, me and Denis were 3rd and 4th. Toad had managed to keep ahead of Corky; whilst Mura had the better of Thrush.
But poor luckless Who didn't really manage a good lap and after hearing strange noises from the motor he pulled in on lap 2.
On lap 3 Denis had overtaken me so I followed the old grand master, hoping to take him towards the end of the race. However on lap 6 of an expected 8, the race it was red flagged, which left me with a grid position of 4th, behind Denis on 3rd. Toad was 12th, Corky 13th, Mura 17th and Thrush 19th.
'Who' found that the noise was a broken crank, a result from his previous crash that had taken out his left hand ignition triggers.
Mura had also developed a noise from the engine and traced it to a loose rear cam chain blade, plus a bolt was missing from the camshaft sprocket carrier, luckily, Caz noticed the bolt still resting on the top of the engine, if it had fallen down towards the crank it could have caused some serious damage.

Race 12; 10 laps; race for championship points.

As we started up the FJ's I heard Toad shout something about a brake caliper. Later I found out that on the previous race he had heard a noise and thought it was his side panel which had come loose but what had happen was the rear caliper had come off and was banging against the bike, opps!
Unable to find replacement bolts at short notice he attach the caliper with some plastic tie wraps, yes, just tie wraps to hold the caliper on. He manage to get to the grid on time, just.
As the lights went out Denis made a massive jump start, I was right behind him as we hit the first apex, but by the second bend I had been passed by one of the super quick 125GPs.
For the remainder of the Lap Denis held them off for as long as he could but by the 'Cork Screw' two GP bikes were in front of him and I was being beaten up by a squadron of the little pocket rockets.
While I would be turning into the bends they were shoving their bikes up the inside, making me pick the bike up to avoid any collisions, some call it 'close racing', some call it 'scary'.
So by lap one I was down to 7th. As the laps went by Denis had to deal with the Axe Murderers as they finally caught him up one by one, again making him pick up his bike and spooking him. I managed to claw back the 10 metre gap he had gained on me by lap 4 and I was on his case looking for a way past.

Meanwhile the rest of the FJ racers were having similar problems, Corky had got pass Toad, with Thrush and Mura on his heels right behind him. On lap 5 I managed to overtake Denis on the entry to the last bend at the bottom of the 'corkscrew'.
I got my head down but after a few more laps I had problems with my arm pumping up. It's a strange feeling; your forearm aches from the effort of full throttle action and the full brakes, you start to lose feel which is not good whilst travelling at 150mph into a 30mph hairpin corner.
On the last lap I looked behind and saw a bike, shit! Denis must still be behind me and still having the memory of Richie taking me on the last lap in a previous race I gave it one last effort, setting my best lap of the race at 1:15.5.
After crossing the line 7th in the race, I worked out it wasn't Denis but another 250GP bike and Denis had dropped to 13th. So in class I had got 1st, Denis 2nd, Corky 3rd, Toad 4th, Thrush 5th, Mura 6th. Denis was given a 10 second penalty for the jump start, this resulted him losing only one place on grid.

After the race it transpired that Denis had had a coming together with one of the GP guys. Later Denis spoke with us and we agreed that it was crazy to have the lightweight GP bike in the same race as the Forgotten Era. Our advantage was on the fast parts of the circuit where we could pass them at over 20mph quicker and their advantage was in the quick corners, where they took no prisoners in getting us back as they were in a race of their own and needed to keep their lap times up.
Denis made a formal complaint on our behalf and hopefully the GP guys will be mixed with another suitable group or go back to having their own race at the next meeting.

Race 20; 8 laps; race for trophy.

Denis decided that he wasn't going to race with the GP bikes this time so in the Forgotten era it was just our FJ's and Geoff Martin on a GSXR1100 slab-sided.
I got a great start and was first into the first bend but that didn't last long and by the end of lap 1 I was down to 6th. Corky had fitted a new rear tyre and from the start he had problems. He put this down to the new tyre and kept going but by the fast 'kink' right hander his bike was heading in another direction compared to where he wanted to go, so he pulled in.
Thrush was the next victim and on the last left hander before the start/finish straight the rear tyre step out and the bike fell from underneath him.
He then used his body as a crash mushroom to stop any damage to his FJ, only for the bike to then hit the kerb and fall on the right hand side, so that was him out. Toad and Mura were still on their wheels with a 10th and 16th. I was running on an old Michelin tyre that was well past its best, so I rode as smoothly as possible, but again I got swallowed up by the GP guys and finished 1st in class but 8th in the field.
Toad got the last trophy place for 2nd, while Mura was pip to the post by Geoff, making him 4th.
Later Corky found out that the problem with his bike was that although the rear wheel axle nut had been fitted it wasn't done up so when he kicked the rear tyre it moved on the axle! Irish rear wheel steering.

Powerbike races;

We raced in the Powerbike as it is always great fun but because on Sunday the race was straight after the main Forgotten Era 10 lap race.
I found it a struggle to do another 10 laps with my arm, the other problem was I needed to refuel between the races due to my limited tank capacity so missed the last powerbike race of the weekend.
The best I got in Powerbikes earlier that weekend was a 16th out of 31.

Pictures taken by Kerry

0809 whos first

Lining up to be told grid position before start of race

0809 how many

45 Denis, 1 Doc and behind the Axle Murders of the 125GP classs

0809 three in row

Train of FJ Racers; 144 Mura, 72 Thrush, 56 Who

0809 thrush good

Great picture of Thrush at the Anglesey Hair Pin

0809 toad action

Toad was committed and this great photo shows it

0809 mura ok

144 Mura out of the Hair Pin

0809 liam body

32, Liams re-sprayed FJ Racer, the question is, for how long?

0809 train

Mirror, signal then over take; One line down the Cork Screw

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