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Anglesey September 9th and 10th

This race meeting was held over two days due to the redevelopment of the Anglesey circuit and no further race meetings will be carried out there throughout the rest of the remaining year.

First race is to work out the grid positioning for the start of the remaining races throughout the weekend. It’s always difficult to start the first race, having to get up at 4 O’clock in the morning to travel from Bristol to Anglesey and feel a bit rusty. I managed a fourth position which made me on the front row, with a lap best of 51.335’ seconds, first position was held by Steve Cave at 50.204’.

Second race of the day (Saturday) was for Trophies;
At to wait three hours for this race only to turn around and suddenly find that everyone had gone that would be all I need, to miss a race. Luckily, I quickly threw my kit on and met everyone for the line up.
Again I had a poor start, (this getting off the line is more difficult than it has seems). As my FJ is wheeling (and the Exups), the little VFR400’s are simply accelerating, so by the time I’ve got to the second bend (Abbott’s) I’ve got two in front of me plus the ‘usual suspect’ from the front grid. I didn’t seem to find good rhyruum and by the third lap I had a problem of my right arm pumping up. The problem was, I had lost strength in the hand and grip, so was finding it difficult to operate the front brake using my normal method of two fingers, one point I though I wasn’t going to stop for the hairpin. Even accelerating was taking an effort (acceleration means using full throttle out of each bend with my quick action throttle). The final result was a little disappointing, 6th on the track but 4th in my class with a best lap of 50.655’.

Sunday first race was for the Championship points; with a good night sleep I felt more up for it than the previous day.
The race went similar to Saturday race, still had the grip problem on braking and accelerating but was decking the bike out in all the bends and the exhaust system was grounding out (again) on the way through ‘Schools’ bend even with the back raised up another 10mm making it 32mm higher than standard. Had a good fight with Rob Eley on an Exup. He out braked himself into the hairpin so got under him only to find him come on the inside of me a few laps later towards ‘Abbott’s’. Did manage to keep the VFR at bay, which later Tim Bradley said “that bike shifts down the straights” I reply “well it has to be because an FJ isn’t exactly nimble around the bends. He had obviously tried his best to past only unable to make the ground up through the tight bends due to the lead I was making down the short straights. Result was 5th with a best lap of 50.492, at least the times were getting better.

Final race for Trophies; had mention to Dennis (guy leading the championship) about my hand and arm aching, his advice was to use the full four fingers on the front brake not just two. With this new found ‘gen’ I was determined to get a better result. At the start I’m normally at the back of the front row, but this time I revved the poor motor well into the redline in first before changing to second, this meant I was second into the first bend, wow!
But then back to fourth as the two other Exup boys got me into ‘Abbott’s’. For the next few laps I was on their chuff. It was interesting to see where I was quicker and where they pull out from me. Going up to ‘Radar’ I lost my footing, thought my peg had come off, this allowed Tim to come pass on his VFR.
During this race my arm seemed lot better with the result of me being able to make up a lot of ground on the brakes going into the hairpin. I manage to get Tim straight back into the hairpin and was dead pleased, a lap later when I got pass Vincente Clark on his £20,000 Westlake again going into the hairpin.
This meant I was now fourth and was catching up Rob on his Exup; I made a dive on the inside at the hairpin only to think wiser of it and thought I wait to the next (final) lap. I timed it perfectly, he took a wide line and I squared of the hairpin but as I accelerated pass him into ‘Douglas’ in front of us was Dennis. Shit! I’m going to have to take both of them into the last bend, as I did so I notice out of the corner of my eye Dennis putting up his hand up (meaning problem with bike and/or maybe slowing down) at which point Rob decided to take the outside of Dennis only to find Dennis was drifting over to the left. The result was poor Rob at to make an exit onto the grass; meanwhile I was gunning it to second place down the back straight.
My lap time had dropped to 50.2’ the quickest I’ve been around Anglesey and for my efforts they awarded me a Trophy.
I came off the circuit well pleased and in a pool of sweat. This racing is hard work, especally throwing a heavy weight FJ around but it’s all worth it if you can get a good result.

Next Improvement; hoping to purchase and fit an ignition advancer, may be good for a few horse power and seeing Oulton is the next and last circuit I need all the horse power I can find.
Fitting end weight to my adjustable Gilles handle bars to make them 20mm longer, this should help to turn faster due to the slight extra leverage (every small improvements count).


Phil (20) in front of Dennis Sholicar (45) Steve Cave (6) holding a tighter line than Phil through the Hairpin

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