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Anglesey May 29th 2006

The Circus Hits Anglesey

Anglesey 29 May 2006

The race meet was on the Bank holiday Monday. I had already booked the Nurburgring with the club so I stayed at the ‘Ring’ until midday on the Sunday and drove back on my bike the 500 miles to Bristol, I arrived around 11pm hoping to find the Sprinter already packed by Adam (my mechanic) but he had ‘forgot’ Shit!
So I was busy throwing stuff in the van until past midnight. I got up to make the 220 mile trip to Anglesey at 4am (not much sleep). I got to the track for 8am and quickly got the bike down to scrutineering. The so called scrutiniser was pointing out a problem with the front brake lever saying ‘The lever comes back to the bars if pulled hard’. I pointed out that the amount of pressure he was pulling on the lever would make the FJ pull some stoppies, I don’t think he believed me so I pointed out the Brembo master cylinder has an adjustable lever and set it to fully out so when he grabbed it again, it move only a few mm and well clear of the bars, the problem now was trying and find the previous setting for my small hands (Twat!)
This set president for the rest of the day as the day went pear shaped. First was the weather, it was showery so I tried to fit a set of wets only to find 1) the compressor wouldn’t boot up from my cheap and cheerful genny. 2) I had forgotten the bead breaker. I only had enough air still in the compressor to change the front tyre and set the pressure to 25psi instead of the normal 32psi. By now I was in such a panic to get out for the practise that I forgot to put on my back protector and knee sliders, oops!

Race 1) Used to set grid position for main race.
I still had no way of replacing my tyres so I still had the wet front fitted, problem was the track had dried up, with no time I raced with this set up. The first two laps seem fine, and then as the front tyre got warm it was like riding on marbles, I managed to finish fourth.

Race 2) Point scoring race.
The weather was still unpredictable so I had to replace the front tyre as it would have melted so I managed to beg some tyre changing kit off a fellow racer, I couldn’t take the chance of fitting the race tyre just in case the track got wet again so I opted for an Intermediate, this is more like a road tyre so not a perfect choice. At the start I was once again swamped by the light 400cc VFR bikes, this gave the big bikes a chance to get away so I managed a poor 6th place (though 4th in my class, over 500cc). To make matters worst on the slowing down lap the ‘Fudge’ started running out of petrol. How much more bad luck I was going to have? Finally, I made it back to the pits by shaking the tank for the last few drops of fuel.
Because the last time we came (First time racing) there was only two races (due to poor weather), afterwards we quickly packed up the van only to be told by the guy next to us ‘Aren’t you going to stay for the Trophy race! Wot another race? Shit no petrol.
So we quickly popped into Holyhead in the van, filed up the FJ’s tank and headed back to track. We manage to get the bike out of the van and but the tyre warmers on for a few minutes when we were called up for the finally race.

Race 3) Trophy race.
Lorinda had pointed out that the guys behind me were not watching the lights, (when the reds light go out it’s the start of the race) but the guy with the flag. As soon as the flag moved they were off, this is perhaps why they gaining a few metres on me (us, front row) and by the time they had reached us, they were actually travelling quicker, hence getting beaten up at the first bend.
So I made an effort to hold my line and get a good start, all I got was a massive wheely off the line and two of the blighters nip passed me. After a lap I was ready to pass the last one, I over took him up Hill Rise but as I tipped into Radar the guy simply cut in front of me making me take action to avoid hitting him. Now I had red mist in my eyes so I over took him down the Top Straight only to have him cut in front again at the Hairpin. They don’t give up places easy here! So out of Mount View I passed him and once into School Corner I was off casing the leading three, Dennis on a Exup, Vincenti on a Westlake (your guess is as good as mine) and Steve on another Exup. Finally manage to do the seven laps in a time of 6;20, considering I still had the intermediate tyre on, this wasn’t so bad, but no medal for fourth. This makes me third in the championship, let’s hope I can hold off the other guys and find some quicker form. What I need is a track day to get some practise in as a ten minute session on the morning of the race isn’t a lot to work on.

Track Day at Prembrey.
Arranged a track day to get some experience riding the FJ as racing for a quick 7 laps doesn’t give you a lot of time to practise.
I also had time to test a new exhaust system (see photo), it looked and sounded the bogs bollocks, had plenty of bottom and mid range power but wasn’t letting the engine rev out past the red line, not needed on the road but when racing all the revs are needed. I have since replaced with the original I had made. If any one is interested in a complete 4-2-1 GP style exhaust its up for sale £200.

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