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Dennis (45) getting ahead out of Mount View

Anglesey July 30th


Anglesey July 30th

Lorinda and I went up Saturday evening in our Sprinter van to save the 220 mile trip on Sunday, race morning. The weather was good so we camped.
First off is scrutineering the FJ, this was no problem. Second is to sign in, no problem. Then I realised I’ve forgot the novice bib, even though I had decided to make a list, because of the previous mistake of forgetting things, it wasn’t on it. A fellow rider came to the rescue with a bib; it was on the large side so I held it down with some duct tape.

Practice: weather was fine so no fanny’ing around with tyre changing, fitted was a full set of Dragon Super Corse track tyres with race compounds. The practise has a duration of only 10 minutes but was enough time to get used to the new lower (Gilles) handle bars I had fitted. The reason for the change was to allow me to get more weight over the front and hang off the bike; this will aid ground clearance as I can keep the bike more upright. On this first test I found they were set at the wrong angle (this was making it difficult to hold onto when braking). Back at base I flattened the bars (fully adjustable) and in the race I noticed I could transfer more weight onto them during braking.

Race 1; This first race is to find the starting position for the true race of the day (race 2).
I was on grid position three due to my position in the championship scoring points. Again my problem is the first two bends where the little 400cc VFR nip into the bend first, this means I have to over take them before I can catch the main leaders in the championship Dennis Sholicar and Steve Cave (both on Yamaha EXUP’s). The result was fourth, completing the 7 laps in 6;09.9 seconds.
I had managed to get pass Steve on the hairpin on the last lap as he went wide. I was now finding the FJ had a ground clearance problem, probably due to me and the bike getting faster, as my last times for the seven laps was normally around 6;20. The main problem is the pegs, they were decking out but now I’m even finding that the exhaust system on the right hand exit is also going down ‘big style’. A quick solution for the pegs was to raise the rear sets up to maximum position but there wasn’t enough time to lengthen the shock to raise the back of the bike for more ground clearance.

Race 2 (Race for points); All four of us on the front row had big problems keeping the front ends down on the big cc bikes. As normal the little swine’s of the 400cc bike buzzed me like wasps, by turn two I had three of the buggers in front of me. These little 400cc shift, as Anglesey is a very short circuit with very short straights, the only place I could get them on was braking (which is no mean feat on an FJ weighing 220kg’s) or out accelerate them on the short straights. By lap five I had taken the 400cc buzz rockets and had my sights on Steve and Dennis (who, by the way, had a broken collar bone, mad!). As we went by the finish line, the three of us were only covered by 0.6 of a second. The winner, Vincenti Clark had got away early on a ‘Westlake 900’ (yes I don’t know what it is either but it’s not a production based bike that I know). My pace though was a great improvement, as the time for the seven laps was 6;04.05 with a best lap of only 50.90 (lap record is 48;80 set by Richie Ellis), this made me 2;10 off the outright lap record, this can’t be bad for a FJ eh!
The bike was still decking out so when I get back to the Workshop I will re-adjust the ride height so I can crank it even more over into the bends, though I seemed to be on the edge of the tyres I must still have a bit left…..I hope so!

Race 3; Trophy Race.
Big disappointment, on the warm up lap the gear lever had worked loose, I had tightened bolts on re-adjusting the pegs but I should have loctited them on. I was on for a trophy as Dennis had backed out of the race due to his injuries.


'Doc' modifing the GSXR footpegs to offer more ground clearance, the pegs are touching down on most corners.
The Exhaust system decking out will have to be sorted at a later date.

This is the starting grid of a race at Anglesey. Within a few metres its 90 mph into School Corner

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